Tuesday, 30 July 2013

New Images of London

There are some new images of London on my web site. I tried to add locations that were missing, as well as a few more of the old favourites. There are 15 new ones in total.
Here's the link to the Recently Added pages.
Here's the link to the Permanent London Section.

I still have several hundred images to go through in my picture library, and we are down to London again in November for the Ideal Home Christmas Show at Earls Court so will take some new ones then (while Jan is running the stand!).

Telephone Boxes on Carey Street

Admiralty Arch and Steps at Night

Big Ben and Underground Sign

St Katharine's Dock Reflections

7 More London Riverside and the Shard at Night

Friday, 26 July 2013

New Images of the North York Moors

I'm just adding to the images of the North York Moors area on my web site. Here are some of the ones loaded so far with the permanent links to Yorkshire: Landscapes and Cities

Whitby Whale Bones and St Mary's Church

Staithes Harbour and Village

Robin Hood's Bay at Low Tide

Whitby Abbey and St Mary's Graveyard

Thursday, 25 July 2013

New Images of the Orkneys

There are quite a few new images of the Orkneys on my web site. Mainly Orkney Mainland but a few other islands too.
 Here's the permanent link to the Orkneys photographs.

Stones of Stenness Sunset

Ring of Brodgar

Fisherman's Huts at Marwick Bay

Old Man of Hoy

Orkney Mainland from Ward Hill Summit on Hoy

Hoxa Head View, South Ronaldsay

New Images of Northumberland

I added several new images of Northumberland to my web site a few a weeks ago. They included several castles as well as Berwick. Here's a sample. The rest are on the web split between Landscapes and Cities (with a bit of overlap), use this link to see all of the Northumberland images.

Bamburgh Castle and Waves

Bamburgh Castle and Sand Dunes

Beadnell Harbour at High Tide

Lindisfarne Castle and Boat Hut

Lindisfarne Castle and Posts

Berwick Beach Reflections and Lighthouse

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Great Dome Art Fair 2013

The Great Dome Art Fair is in full swing in Buxton this weekend, 10am to 4.30pm Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st. It's also the last weekend of the Buxton Opera Festival and Fringe, so lots of other things going on.

We have a large stand with lots of new photos. Because of the large stand we also have far more prints than we usually bring to any other show, maybe approaching 600 in total. If you decide to come may be worth allowing a few minutes extra!

The show is the annual showcase for Peak District Artisans and over 60 members are here exhibiting in one of the most spectacular venues for any art and designer show, the Devonshire Dome in Buxton.

Here are some photos of the show.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Photography in Berlin

Last Day in Berlin. Best weather of our 3 days today, sunny with a few clouds. Still a few locations to photograph but I have lots already. I have taken over 25 rolls of 120 Ilford FP4, at 10 shots on a roll. I repeated some as the weather improved but there's still a lot of different views.

As there are so many rolls I will send them to the Ilford Lab for processing, otherwise it would take me the best part of a day to do myself in batches of 5.

It's not straightforward taking photos in Berlin as a large part of it is a building site. In one view near the cathedral I counted 21 tower cranes in the shot. I hate tower cranes! Normally I would just wait for dark and then continue, the cranes being hidden in the dark skies. Unfortunately, that doesn't help here, the construction companies advertise their names in neon lights on most of the cranes, so they can't be easily removed. I'm sure Berlin will be great when they finish it!

Off out to take more photos now.

Not looking forward to the early start Jan arranged for us, up at 4am!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

First Photos of Berlin

We arrived over 3 hours late at our hotel last night. Delays from the plane fire at Heathrow the day before and a diversion to a different airport at Berlin. We finally checked in at 2.45am!

Fortunately it was a grey day so we had a lie in. The forecast is for mostly sunshine for the next 2 days so decided to spend today finding our way around and spotting the best locations.

My new Samsung Galaxy S3 phone is now fully working as Vodafone has activated the sim card. I took the photo of St Nikolai Church with it to check the camera out. The one on my previous S2 was rubbish! I also took it on my proper camera, my Mamiya 7 (I actually brought 2 with me just in case I break one again).

My back is painful after walking around with camera and tripod so am resting in our room at the hotel for a couple of hours. Later will do some night shots but can't start until after 10pm at this time of year.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Berlin Photo Trip and Jolly Hot Weather

We drove down to Heathrow Airport today for a flight to Berlin. It was 32ÂșC in the car,  not used to that!

Now waiting in air-conditioned Cafe Nero at Heathrow.

Hoping for some sunshine in Berlin and dry weather, a bit cooler would be good too or I may spend too much time in the pub!

We've never been to Berlin before and have 3 days to get the shots.

Just upgraded my phone yesterday to a Samsung Galaxy S3 from an S2. No network at moment just wifi until Vodafone reconnect me. Best to email me if you need to contact us,  mono@davebutcher.co.uk.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Course Time in the Peak District

We have a spell of doing lots of courses. We planned just one photo day and one darkroom day on our programme for July but have had several private bookings for both photo and darkroom. This is quite interesting as July has previously been a quiet month for courses.

The bonus this year is the weather, lots of sunshine and little rain. It doesn't seem like Derbyshire at all! There's still room on the calendar for more, if you're interested just get in touch for a chat.

Today I walked to Buxton to run the Gallery in the Gardens in Pavilion Gardens. Clear sunny skies and temperature of 24°C, a bit of a breeze on the tops made it a good temp for walking, as I walked the 6 miles here this morning. It will be warmer as I walk home tonight.

Here are some photos from the photo course on Saturday, all taken by Jan using a Nikon D90.