Thursday, 31 December 2009

Winter Workshop Images - Nick de Marco

Just before Christmas I ran a 3 day private workshop for Nick de Marco and Ripon from London. It was good timing in one sense that we had cold winter conditions for our 2 photo days, with the second of these having blizzards scattered through the day making for interesting conditions to be taking photographs in. The 3rd day was a darkroom printing day. We also found time to process a couple of batches of films.

Nick has been very quick off the mark and sent me some images to show here. A more complete set, with original captions (captions here just state location), can be found at the pbase web site - just click here to go there. As you can see Nick has a good eye for a photograph and has some stunning images.

By way of introduction to his pictures here is what Nick has put on his web space at pbase:

'These photographs were taken during a very cold weekend in December 2009 in the High Peaks, Derbyshire, during a black and white photography workshop with local landscape photographer Dave Butcher. All the photos are black and white, most taken on my Mamiya 7 medium format 6x7 rangefinder camera (which performed magnificently), some taken with my Leica M6 and Bessa R2C rangefinder 35mm film cameras.

I can highly recommend Dave's work and courses. He is a first class photographer with an infectious passion for film and black and white. His tuition in dark room printing was as enjoyable and useful as taking the photos with him.'

3 Shire Heads

Buxton Trees

Blizzard on Grin Low near Buxton


Mam Tor view to Brown Knoll

Buxton Opera House

New Lake District Images

The last batch of images for Lake Light have also been added to the web site. Here are a few samples.

Dave Butcher

Lake Light Edits

I received the first proof of Lake Light just before Christmas and at long last the final edits on it are finished. All the headers and captions are sorted. There will be 85 Lake District images. The map now has all the locations marked on it. The technical data table is finished. The book is divided into 3 sections, each with an introduction, and all of these are written. There is also an article on using digital cameras for black and white landscape photography, after all this is what most people come on my courses to learn about.

I will send off all the edit files tomorrow to Andy, the book designer I am using. I look forward to receiving the 2nd proof sometime next week. Hopefully that will be close to the final copy. Then a copy will go to Joe Cornish so that he can write the foreword while I'm in USA on photo trip. Then to the printers in February ready for big launch on Harman/Ilford stand at Focus on Imaging at the NEC 7th to 10th March.

Still keeping fingers crossed until all done!
Dave Butcher

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas is almost here and we have had a very busy time over the last few weeks. All orders needed for Christmas were shipped in good time, assuming postal services worked properly. Just 1 framed picture to deliver later today on our route to visit in-laws.

I walked to Buxton yesterday. It was a perfect day for winter walking with lots of sunshine, cold and 4 inches of snow drifting to 15 inches on the tops. It took a bit longer of course, 2 1/4 hours for the 6 miles.
It was dark on the way home after a day in the Gallery and a good test of my new head torch (my last walk in the dark 3 or so weeks ago was in heavy rain and cloud so thick the torch beam didn't reach the ground!).

Close to arriving at friends for lunch, near Northampton. Then on to in-laws later on.
Dave Butcher

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Winter Photography Course

I have just run a 3 day private course with 2 days landscape photography and 1 day darkroom. We had good light and frosty fields on Friday then today we had brief sunny spells in between snow blizzards. The trees were plastered with snow on one side making for some great shots and lots of atmosphere during snow storms! If only snow in the Peak District was reliable I could run these every year. We also managed to process most of the films and make some prints from the films taken on Friday, so a very productive course.

Next planned landscape photography courses are 3 days in the Lake District in mid-March and 1 or 2 days of courses in the Peak District in April. Next darkroom course is 6th January.
Dave Butcher

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Last Orders Shipped

All Christmas orders were shipped today, except for 60 x 50 cm prints which will go via DHL on Monday. If you ordered something keep an eye open for it. All prints have been shipped using Royal Mail Special Delivery which should arrive next working day but this seems to be delayed and is running at 2 or 3 days delivery times, according to customer feedback.

Seem to have picked up a chest infection, noticed for first time yesterday evening and a bit knocked out by it today while running a darkroom course. Hope I'm better tomorrow for running a landscape photo course. Ran photo course on Friday. Good winter conditions, light covering of snow and cold enough for icicles around waterfalls. Spectacular at times, shame it's not reliable enough to run regular winter photography courses in the Peak District.
Dave Butcher

Friday, 18 December 2009

Christmas Orders Printed

Thursday was a darkroom printing day and all Christmas orders are now printed and all but the last two FB prints are mounted and / or packed waiting to be shipped. I am running a course Friday to Sunday but Jan will be posting orders on Saturday after her return from Dublin. Framed pictures (3 orders, 4 pictures) will be available for collection from Sunday onwards.

Monday is another printing day and should see me finish printing the rest of the orders, 6 prints not needed for Christmas.
Dave Butcher

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Gallery in the Gardens Day Today

I'm typing this while in the Gallery in the Gardens all day. Very quiet here today, maybe down to the cold wet weather outside! Not many people around at all.

Apart from writing this blog I am also taking advantage of the quiet time to write some text for my new book. The final set of images was sent on Monday which just leaves the introduction text and photo location map to do. Hope to complete everything this week but map may have to wait until after Christmas.

Final printing sesions before Christmas are tomorrow (Thursday) and Monday 21st. Friday, Saturday and Sunday I'm busy with a private 1-to-1 course so hope the weather is better than today or we will get wet! The forecast is for snow tomorrow which would be great as long as it brightens up in time for Friday.
Dave Butcher

Monday, 14 December 2009

Last Orders

Went to the local post office today and checked the last posting dates to see how long I had to complete all the orders that I have received. Everything is well in hand, please be patient if you are waiting for an order.

Last day for Special Delivery is 23rd December. I use this for all hand prints from 30 x 24cm to 50 x 40cm. For larger prints I use DHL, who are similar. Last day for ordering photos is therefore Sunday 20th December because my last printing day before Christmas is Monday 21st December.

For everything else, that is books, posters and course bookings I use Royal Mail 1st Class delivery and the last posting date for this Monday 21st December. Please order before Monday 21st if you want it for Christmas. For last minute book purchases (panics!) please telephone me to pay £4 extra so that I can use Special Delivery for books.

If you are local to Briarwood in Derbyshire, or are prepared to travel here, then the last day to come here to choose a picture from stock or anything else is Wednesday 23rd December. Just call 01298 733771 or 07976 872679 to make sure we haven't popped out (to the post office for example!).

The bottom line is everything stops after Wednesday 23rd!

Happy shopping. Hope this helps. Dave Butcher.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Christmas Orders

Busy printing day today. Lots of Christmas orders completed. Still lots to do so printing tomorrow too. Maybe another 5 days for you to place a Christmas order with guaranteed delivery in time. After this I will do my best but may not be able to get to you by Christmas. If this is the case I can send a gift voucher to give on the day and the picture will follow after Christmas.

Friday, 11 December 2009

New Lake District Images

Thought you might like to see some of he new images:



Dave Butcher

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

New Lake District Photographs on Web Site

I have been busy pulling together photographs for my new book, Lake Light, on the Lake District. Another batch of 60 is now on the web site. Just click the link here to go straight there.

Not all will be in the book but a sizeable number will be. More to follow in the next week or so.
Dave Butcher

Buxton Gallery Wednesday 9th December

It's a bit of a dull cool day in the Peak District today and I'm in the Gallery in the Gardens in Buxton Pavilion Gardens. Bit busy here today there is a classic car auction in another part of the building with dozens of classic cars parked outside.

I have been slowed down a bit since my bad back went into spasm on Monday. Orders and the book are slightly delayed. Bit doped up today to reduce pain but expect to be back in harness tomorrow.
Dave Butcher

Friday, 4 December 2009

Buxton Artist and Designer's Fair 5th and 6th December

I am doing the art fair in Buxton this weekend, free entry and 40 exhibitors. I will be in my usual spot to the left as you go into the Octagon in the Pavilion Gardens.
Lots of pictures, posters and books. If you are interested in a course come by for a chat.
Just printed a Chateau d'Oex shot with hot air balloons flying over snowy mountains, and will have it on display, as well as some recent Edinburgh photos.
Hope to see you for some Christmas shopping at the weekend!
Dave Butcher

Richmond Art and Designer Craft Fair Friday 4th to Sunday 6th December

We are doing 2 art fairs this weekend. Jan is doing the show in the Queen Charlotte Hall Richmond Upon Thames run by Craft in Focus. It's a 3 day show that started today and runs until Sunday.
The stand is smaller than normal but still lots of prints, posters, books and courses.
Open 10am to 5pm.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Buxton Gallery Wednesday 2nd December

I am in the Gallery in the Gardens, in Buxton Pavilion Gardens, all day tomorrow. Come by for a chat if you are around.

Today was a darkroom day. Printed several orders and should ship them by the end of the week. Also posted 4 lots of course information for recent course bookings. Altogether a catch up day.

Posted batch 2 of the Lake Light book images today, making a total of 71 images completed. Still quite a few to go. Expect to receive first page layouts and covers tomorrow with the batch 1 photos. It is all moving along quite well. It will be a relief when the book is finished. It's a lot of work in a very short space of time and my bad back is complaining about the time I am sitting at the computer for.
Dave Butcher

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Homeward Bound

Art fair in Edinburgh, our first show in Scotland, is over and Jan is driving us home.
We did quite well and it helped us reach a new audience for my pictures.
Home by 11.30pm hopefully.
Just 2 shows to go, both next weekend; Jan is in Richmon upon Thames and I am in Buxton.
Big push on book images this week and a day printing.
Dave Butcher

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Joe Cornish Foreword for Lake Light

Half-way through art fair in Edinburgh but thought I should let you know that Joe Cornish, one of the leading UK landscape photographers, has agreed to write the forword for my next book Lake Light

Joe has made his reputation using large format colour film photography. He has done a lot of work for the National Trust, including several books. It is a privilege to have Joe associated with my Lake Light book.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Edinburgh Art and Craft Fair

Jan is driving us up to Edinburgh. A bit north of the Lake District at moment.

We are doing an Art and Craft Fair in the Assembly Rooms on George Street Saturday and Sunday. Call in if you are around.

This is our first show in Scotland; I have lots of shots of the Highland, Islands and some new ones of Edinburgh.

Not all work though, mmeting good friends Mick and Kay from near Inverness on Saturday night, that will be a good night.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

New Mobile Phone part 4

I think I may have forgotten to add the final report on my new mobile phone. The 3rd phone from Vodafone, a Blackberry 8520, to replace the 18 month old faulty Blackberry 8310, is working fine. It lets me pick up emails on all accounts, add blog entries on the move and maintain my web site while travelling around. Looks and behaves like the 8310 it replaces. I added one of my pictures as wallpaper because I otherwise needed sunglasses to view the bright red Vodafone screen that came with it.

Buxton Gallery Wednesday 25th November

I'm in the Gallery in the Gardens tomorrow, in Buxton Pavilion Gardens, from 9.30am to 5pm. Judging by the weather I will probably take the car. The last 3 trips I have walked and had heavy rain both ways. It's getting a bit trying! Would just like to walk in the dry for once.

Warrington Lecture

Back from lecturing in Warrington. Jolly wet return trip. Lots of standing water and rivers running across road. Difficult to see in the dark. Seems to have eased a bit in last few minutes.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Busy Time

I think I may have booked too much in diary.

Making good progress with new Lake Light book as well as shipping recent orders. All scans done and half of images tweaked.

12 new Edinburgh photos printed yesterday ready for show at weekend. Not done show in Scotland before so keen to see how we do. Looking forward to seeing our good friends Mick and Kay from near Inverness Saturday night.

More printing and image tweaking tomorrow.
Dave Butcher

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Driving Home

Just travelling home after Art and Craft Fair at Sherrardswood School Welwyn. Delayed by 1.5 hours by accident near Northampton. We were well looked after by Jan's sister Lynne and her husband Peter who live a couple of miles from the venue. Unfortunately, no Voadafone signal so a blog-free weekend.
Lecture in Shrewsbury tomorrow night and day in Buxton Gallery on Tuesday.
Home around 11.30pm if we're lucky.
Dave Butcher

Thursday, 12 November 2009

New Mobile Phone part 3

Third time lucky!

Received 3rd phone in 2 weeks today, a Blackberry 8520 Everything seems to work. Yippee!

Now back on line with blog, web editor and Outlook diary and address book. Just in time for going away to show in Welwyn at weekend.
Dave Butcher

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

New Mobile Phone part 2

Well that didn't last long! Wasted several hours trying to get it to work. Emails and blog were fine, browsing normal web sites was fine but the admin pages of my web site didn't properly load so wouldn't have been able to make edits on our travels.

The HTC Magic phone is being collected by Vodafone tomorrow. It was a nightmare to use and didn't link up with Outlook so no diary, address book, task lists or memos. Disaster. Not sure why the technical department at Vodafone recommended it in the first place.

Back to a new Blackberry tomorrow. Will keep fingers and everything else crossed that it all works.

Darkroom day today. Printing some orders from recent shows (Great Peak Fair and Sevenoaks).
Dave Butcher

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

New Mobile Phone

My faulty Blackberry Curve 8310 was replaced by a newer version (Blackberry Curve 8900) a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately the new version could not access this blog or my web editor. I now have a new HTC Magic Google phone which lets me blog again. Not as easy to use as Blackberry, it has a touchscreen. So blogs are back, now need to check web editor and links with Outlook for emails, calendar and address book. Fingers crossed it works.
Dave Butcher

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Lake Light Book Image Scans Complete

Finished the last couple of scans for my Lake Light book today and edited a couple of images, including that for the book cover. We have about 140 images on our short-list from which to choose the 90 images for the book. Andy from 10th Planet Design in Sheffield completed the page and cover designs a couple of weeks ago, it will have a different look to previous books but with the same overall size, 80 pages and a price of £14.99. All on schedule for a March launch.

Had a meeting with Steven Brierley and Graham Walters of Harman Technology about the Focus on Imaging show at the NEC in March. Jan and I will be there on the Ilford black and white part of their stand. Lake Light will be launched there and I will be book signing from the first day of the show, Sunday 7th to the last, Wednesday 10th March 2010. There will also be an exhibition of prints from the book on the Harman stand.

Dropped off 97 roll films for processing with Neil Hibbs today. He runs the Harman Technology processing lab and they have a new professional service for films. I should have them back next week and will keep fingers crossed that all is well until I receive the processed negatives. These are all the films from my first ever trip to Scandinavia. Only the second time I have trusted the processing of my films to anyone else!
Dave Butcher

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Scanning Day

Today I scanned 50-odd images for Lake Light, my new book on the Lake District. Tomorrow should see the last scans completed (about 30 left to do). Then I need to crop and tweak them before dropping them on the web site. Once we have them all the job of selecting the final ones for the book can begin. We need about 90 images, depending on page layouts, and will have about 150 images to choose from. The new Lakes images should start to appear on my web site from next week. I will drop a few on this blog before then though.

Having some problems with my new Blackberry, which I received a week ago. I am unable to type text in new blog entries. It lets me type in the title and web link but nothing else. A lot of my blog entries are done on my Blackberry while travelling around so this is a serious problem for me. Will see what Vodafone say tomorrow.
Dave Butcher

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Craft and Contemporary Design Show

Off to Wellington College Crowthorne (near Bracknell) early tomorrow morning for a Craft in Focus art fair over the weekend. Open 1pm to 6pm Friday and 10 am to 5 pm Saturday and Sunday. We will be setting up tomorrow before the show opens so hope the traffic is all right so that we arrive in good time. Call by if you are in the area and want to see several hundred of my fine art original photographs, books, posters, talk about courses or just for a chat.
Hope to see you there. Dave

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Birkenhead Lecture

Off to Birkenhead in an hour or so to give a lecture to the Birkenhead Photographic Association. Same talk as Monday night, Peak Light. Quite a nice day here so hopefully lots of people will turn to see my pictures and hear what I have to say.

Another show at the weekend coming. This time in Crowthorne near Reading. Just the 3.5 hour drive compared to the 4 hour drive to Sevenoaks last weekend. Saw quite a few Christmas shoppers last weekend and hopefully we will see more of that as we move closer to the Christmas.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Lecture at Retford near Worksop

Not quite recovered from the show at the weekend; I strained a muscle in my back unloading the car at midnight last night after driving home from Sevenoaks. Had some acupuncture and massage this morning which has eased it considerably.

Off to Retford near Worksop tonight to give my print lecture Peak Light. Starts at 7.30pm so will have to leave in a couple of hours. Just time for a few scans for new book Lake Light.

Walking to Buxton tomorrow if back sufficiently recovered. Forecast is for rain all day which will not be pleasant. Spending day in Gallery in Pavilion Gardens.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Sevenoaks Contemporary Art and Craft Fair

We are in Sevenoaks this weekend at the Sevenoaks School for a Contemporary Art and Craft Fair. Up early on Friday and on the road by 4.20am. Setting up at the venue by 8.30am and open at 12pm. Bit of a squeeze fitting everything in, width was fine but depth 2 feet less than normal.

Friday afternoon was reasonable and Saturday was good. Lots of visitors to show.

This morning our good friends Lin and Chris, who live close-by, called in. Used to go to college, work, play football and walk the hills with Chris in 70's. Could have chatted away for hours but they were on way to North Wales so just saw them for a few minutes.

Last day tomorrow, 10am to 5pm. Come by and see my latest photos and have a chat if you are able to.

Same again next week at Crowthorne near Reading but before that have lectures Monday and Wednesday evenings and Buxton Gallery all day Tuesday.

Just watched Match of the Day. Hope we remember to turn clocks back or we could be at show very early!
Dave Butcher

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Catch Up

Still catching up after Nordic trip. Last weekend we did the Great Peak District Fair in Buxton. A busy show both days with over 10000 visitors. Shipped some orders Monday and had a flu jab. Tuesday found me in the gallery in Buxton Pavilion Gardens all day. Managed to get some exercise too by walking the 12 miles there and back. Nice morning but jolly damp on return.
Today I ran a 1-to–1 darkroom workshop. Now watching Chelsea play in the Champions league and leading 2-0 with 40 mins to go.
Tomorrow prepare for weekend show in Sevenoaks.
Dave Butcher

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Great Peak District Fair

Good to see old friends at Deeping Camera Club yesterday for lecture, especially Tony and Derek.

On way home from staying with our best friends Rob and Annie on their narrow boat just north of Coventry. Went for a walk today but it was in the rain so no pictures. Bit flat in this part of the world. Had a very nice evening meal and a few pints at the Greyhound pub at Hawksbury Junction. Very nice metal canal bridge outside pub, one to come back to.

Tomorrow we set up for the Great Peak District Fair which opens on Saturday at 10am. Entrance is free and runs to Sunday at 4.30pm. This is more than an art fair, it is combined with a farmers market and the Buxton Beer Festival. All the exhibitors are from the Peak District. Maybe see you there.
Dave Butcher

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Buxton Gallery in the Gardens

Tomorrow, Tuesday 13th, I am in the Gallery in the Gardens in Buxton all day, 9.30 am to 5 pm. It's a bit quiet at this time of the year so I will take my Lake District contacts in with me to mark up those that will possibly go into my new book. I am walking the 12 miles there and back so don't want to carry too much more than this. The weather today was great so am hoping it holds for tomorrow too. Did some printing today and will do more Wednesday; still trying to catch up after Nordic trip. Big show at the weekend; The Great Peak District Fair also in the Buxton Pavilion Gardens. Looking forward to that. It's a mix of art fair and farmers market, free entry so you've no excuses! Should be busy with maybe 10,000 visitors over the weekend.
Dave Butcher

Monday, 12 October 2009

More Lectures

Just back from giving a lecture in Chorley near Preston. It was Peak Light again and a reasonable audience size of 45-ish. Another very friendly club and an enjoyable evening. Next one is Wednesday in Market Deeping near Peterborough. This will be my 4th or 5th visit and we always enjoy it there.
Dave Butcher

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Oldham Camera Club Lecture

The lecture season starts today for me (September to April). Just packing up my lecture Peak Light and getting ready to go to Oldham Camera Club tonight. This is my latest lecture, and the start is 7.30pm in the Gallery Oldham building, Lifelong Learning Centre. I have been to them lots of times in the past and they are a very friendly bunch so I'm quite looking forward to it.
Dave Butcher

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Harman Ilford Film Processing Service

Just swapped emails with Steven Brierley, sales director of Harman Technology who make the Ilford black and white products.

They recently expanded the processing services they offer and now do 120 roll film through a high quality processing machine.

With about 100 rolls to process and at least 500 a year, this is good news. I hate processing film, it's not a creative step - I process every film in the same way, and it's veruy time consuming (about 45 minutes for every batch of 5 films).

Keeping fingers crossed they give me a good price and the quality is what I would produce.

Watch this space for my verdict on quality.
Dave Butcher

Nearly Home

Well, we survived the 18 hour ferry crossing, including dinner and breakfast. But it was very bumpy.for a few hours, as in ship feeling as though it had been dropped onto concrete!

Just an hour or so from home, a bit south of Ashbourne.

Quite a trip. 17 days. Started with windmills at Kinderdijk in Holland, then Hamburg, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Norwegian fjords, mountains, waterfalls and wooden churches, Swedish lakes, trees and coast and some Viking boats in Denmark.

Can't wait to go back, especially to Norwegian fjords and mountains in better weather.
The End.
Dave Butcher

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Ferry to Harwich

Clear blue sky and warm in Copenhagen this morning. Drove west to Roskilde for photos of the cathedral.

On way out went past harbour area and spotted some old boats. Stopped for a look and turned out to be Viking museum and the boats were reconstructions of Viking ships. Very impressive. This was mentioned in our guidebook but no idea it had such an extensive area as this.

From here we headed west over Storebaelt bridge and down to Egesund Slot (castle). One of the big attractions in Denmark, according to guidebook. Unfortunately it was closed (our info said it should have been open) and couldn't be seen from any access point outside the grounds.

Time was marching on so decided to head directly for Esbjerg and ferry home.

Now 3 hours into our 18 hour crossing having had dinner on board. Weather making it a rough crossing with winds of force 8 according to ships announcement. Will allegedly lessen to force 4 in few hours time. Yippee!

Roll on Harwich.
Dave Butcher

Monday, 5 October 2009

Copenhagen at Night

Another bright morning in Stockholm.

Not impressed by Best Western Kom Hotel. Everything needs an electronic card for access. To reach our room needs use of card 4 times. Even need card to get into breakfast room which is next to reception. Our cards stopped working and took another. 2 sets before all well. There were other issues too. Suggest it be avoided if possible!

Left Stockholm before 9am heading south. Stopped a couple of times but otherwise just kept going. Decided better to take more shots of Copenhagen than detour to Malmo and arrived in city a bit after 4pm.

Checked in, dumped bags in room and went straight out to Nyhavn for images around the harbour with old sailing ships. From here went to Rosenborg Slot (the Royal Palace) taking photos at twilight.

Walked back to hotel past Tivoli, which was in darkness. Lots of signs and decor for Halloween. Looks like they are saving themselves for this.

Took some more photos of the Copenhagen Wheel at night. Better reflections than previous set on way through 2 weeks earlier, very little wind.

Keeping fingers crossed ferry on time. It was delayed Saturday by 18 hours due to bad weather. If all well should be home Wednesday late afternoon.
Dave Butcher

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Stockholm Day and Night

After all the heavy rain of yesterday it was quite a relief to look out of the window to a dry morning. It was cloudy but there were signs of brightness.

A swift breakfast and then out taking photos. Flat light to start with then sunny late morning to 1.30pm.

Wandering around the narrow back streets near the palace it was helpful to have flat light. Any sunshine would have made the images very difficult to print.

With big cities there is a pretty standard list of places to try and photograph;
Palaces, parliament or city hall, cathedral and large churches, harbour, forts and castles, any other notable areas and buildings, well lit buildings and reflections on water at night.

I managed to do most of these before the rain arrived just before 2pm. Had a break back at the hotel before going out again for night shots and dinner, in that order!

It was dark a bit after 6.30pm and went round taking some shots.

Had a very nice meal near the palace and finished by taking a few more photos on way back to hotel. Finished for the day about 10.15pm.

Tomorrow we return to Copenhagen, maybe stop in Malmo en route. Will see what the weather brings.
Dave Butcher

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Mora to Stockholm

Woke up to a bit of a dull day although the sun was trying to break through for the first couple of hours. Bit of a frost too. Not much wind so good reflections as well.

Photos of trees and lakes before headed further south and hit rain.

Stopped off in Orebro a couple of hours west of Stockholm. Steady rain now. Tried to book a hotel but same story as Ostersund - everything was booked, this time for a sporting event.

Visited the old part of Orebro, Wadkoping, which has a lot of the old buildings from the city centre. They were moved here when the city was developed a couple of hundred years ago. All timber, mostly very rustic.

Took just a handful of shots from the shelter of a canopied gateway then made a dash for the car. Heavy rain!

Decided to go to Stockholm, if we were to be within 2 hours of the city we may as well be in it. Rang the hotel already booked for tomorrow night and extended our stay to include tonight also.

No more photos, just 2 rolls all day (20 images). Hope it dries out for tomorrow.
Dave Butcher

New Lake District Courses Available Now

We are still in Sweden but have just received confirmation from the accommodation in the Lake District that all is well with our bookings.

The new courses will run in March, early May and September and be based in Eskdale. Stanley House will be our base and provide bed and breakfast in very comfortable surroundings. We stayed there in June while checking out locations and taking photos for the new book.

There will be a short welcome meeting on the Sunday evening. Then Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be full days of landscape photography. The course will finish at 4pm on the Wednesday giving time for travelling home.

We will concentrate on developing the artistic side of black and white landscape photography while helping with any technical needs. So, composition, exposure, use of light, structure in images, metering, histograms, bracketing, etc, will all be covered. See articles on use of digital cameras and landscape photography on the web site.

The cost is £550 including 3 nights bed and breakfast and they can be booked through the web site or direct with us.

We will use local pubs and cafes for lunch and evening meals. Not being tied to a base for meals means that we can venture further afield like Buttermere and Ravenglass. There are no fixed timings either, within reason. If the light is good we can continue taking photographs.

Really looking forward to them as we have some stunning locations lined up.hope you can join us still just 6 places per course and 2 tutors, Jan and myself.
Dave Butcher

Friday, 2 October 2009

Swedish Lakes (and Trees)

Left Harnosand early, after scraping thick ice off windows of car. Jolly cold for time of year!

Headed back towards hills and lakes to Sveg and then Sarna. Dozens of lakes and millions of trees; mixture of conifers and silver birch mostly.

Took a few tree shots but also typical lake shots. Used a dark yellow filter to lighten the silver birch foliage which was a bright yellow / orange colour, as well as darkening the blue sky. Good clouds this afternoon.

Also found a church and separate wooden bell tower at Alvros, just east of Sveg.

Ended day at Mora by another lakeside. Lots of photos from shore, including trees, boats and the odd jetty.

A 6 film day (60 images).
Heading south tomorrow and expect to end the day close to Stockholm so that we can have most of Sunday in the city.
Dave Butcher

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Sweden's High Coast

We were very well looked after in the Jamtkrogen Hotel in Bracke. Had to clean the ice off the windows before we could head for Harnosand.

Drove out to beach near Harnosand for a few photos. Lots of silver birch trees behind beach area. Then back to Harnosand and booked into hotel (not taking any chances after debacle yesterday).

We spent the rest of the day driving the High Coast Trail. This runs around lots of lakes, trees and little bits of coast. The changing leaves looked great and really broke up the monotonous greens that you see at the end of summer. Still lots of green conifers too for contrast. Found some typical views for photos and big views and yet more Silver Birch trees.

Had a nice Thai meal just around the corner from our hotel.

Mostly sunny today, just the odd shower around 5pm. A good day for photos.
Dave Butcher

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Into Sweden

Left Dombas bright and early, well early at any rate. Headed NW towards Dovrefjell area. Light not brilliant but decided to get closer to the highest peak Snohetta (4th highest peak in Norway).

We didn't get too far when 2 men in uniform stepped in front of the car, stopping further progress. We exchanged pleasantries and then they explained that the road went through a live firing range and traffic was only allowed through for 45 minutes early morning (ending an hour before we arrived), 45 minutes at lunchtime and then after 6pm. We decided that there were other peaks to photograph, thanked the nice men and drove away the way we had come.

We headed east into Sweden to where the forecast said the better weather was. Our Swedish friend Ingrid suggested that we try and visit the Funasdalen valley so we headed there. As it turned out the light rain turned into light snow so little chance of appreciating the scenery.

Headed further east and a bit north to Ostersund. Our Garmin sat nav showed 14 hotels in the town so it never entered our heads that there would be a problem finding a room. In fact the whole town was booked solid with a conference and there were no rooms anywhere.

Jan managed to get the Best Western to ring around and find us a room but in a town 50km south east. Our day ended at 6.45pm, an hour or so later than expected. We had a very nice meal and a bottle of wine in the Hotel Jamtkrogen in Brecke.

Not a lot of photos (just 6 in fact), dull light as well as rain and snow showers saw to that.

Tomorrow off to the coast and keeping fingers crossed for bright lighting for a change. The weather forecast says we should be all right.

Checked the weather for Trondheim again in case we were missing anything. It still shows heavy rain to end of the week so felt a bit better at having deserted it.
Dave Butcher

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Lillehammer to Jotunheim

Woke to clear skies so decided to see how far towards Jotunheim we could get before hit rain.

There was still some sun breaking through as we approached Jotunheim so found some high ground to east to take photos looking across. Then made way to Lom and beyond.

The highest mountains in Norway are in Jotunheim. Galdhoppigen is the highest at 2469m and the top was just in the clouds.

Made way down valley towards Leirvassbu. Snow flurries now and road white with settled snow and ice. Turned back taking photos all the way. Some very striking mountains around here.

Called in at Elveseter on way east. Good views to top of Galdhoppigen from here. Then continued on to Dombas, our halt for the night. Bit of a one horse town so will try and move on early tomorrow. Aiming for Sweden now. Forecast is still for bad weather in most of Norway (all except south).
Dave Butcher

Monday, 28 September 2009

Snow and Trolls in the Mountains

We changed our plans once more. We woke to heavy rain and this continued through the day. No point in taking ferry for waterfall photos; weather too bad to even take camera out of case.

Decided to drive over to Andalsnes to see Troll Wall. We were almost at the top of the descent when we were stopped in our tracks by a barrier across the road. Jan acosted the driver of the council truck parked up by it. Turned out they had only just closed the road but still wouldn't let us through. Had to turn back and retrace steps. Wasted over an hour then went around the long way. Heavy rain continued.

Ended up at foot of road we should have come down if had been open. The visitor centre was shut but there were lots of Troll wood carvings. Took one for posterity with the Troll Wall shrouded in clouds behind.

At this stage we were still heading for Trondheim. As we followed up through mountains the rain turned to snow. Checked the BBC weather forecast for the area and it looked like the rain and snow was set for the week in this area. Further south and east though looked sunny. We decided to go south to Lillehammer.

Heading north to Sundsvall tomorrow.

Took just 2 rolls again today, At the Troll Wall and the Ringebu Stavkirche (wooden church).

Clear sky and cold in Lillehammer tonight. Feels like winter has arrived.
Dave Butcher

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Wet Day in the Fjords

The weather took a dive today. Heavy rain from opening the curtains before 7am until after 4pm. Changed plans to drive further north, effectively jumping 3 days ahead on our itinerary..Forecast for high mountain areas was not good.

Passed some spectacular waterfalls today. So much water, there are waterfalls everywhere.

Staying in Geiranger at the east end of the Geiranger Fjord. From our hotel room I can see about a dozen waterfalls of a few hundred feet each and that is one of the reasons we are here.

We have just caught the end of the tourist season; the Hotel Geiranger, where we are staying, closes tomorrow and doesn't reopen until May. In fact this resulted in a room upgrade as they had stripped all the cheap rooms ready for end of season cleaning so we ended up in a large room with a balcony overlooking the fjord for the price of a cheap room.

If weather dry tomorrow we will take the ferry to the far end of the fjord, takes about an hour. It passes several large waterfalls, the most impressive of which is called 7 Sisters. This can be seen from the road north from here but it's a long way away. The ferry will be within a hundred metres or so. May be a 2 camera job to avoid changing film as we pass!

It did brighten slightly at the end of the day so I ran off a couple of rolls of film (10 photos per roll) of the fjord and the 7 Sisters from road above Geiranger.

Dinner time now at just after 7pm. Clouds breaking up so may be lucky tomorrow.
Dave Butcher

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Waterfalls and Fjords

Staying in very nice hotel in Flam.

Weather mostly dull with a few hours of light rain from mid-morning to early afternoon.

Started the day with a steep slippery climb up to Flam waterfall. Large drop and huge volume of water. Used slow shutter to give streaky water. Lots of water spray so lined up shots with lens cap on (one of the advantages of rangefinder cameras over slr's) then removed lens cap just before pressed shutter. Had to wipe moisture off lens after every shot.

Back to car then west and north to Sognefjord at Vik. Raining here so carried on to Fresvik. Dry now so out for some fjord photos around the little village. Used jetties and boat sheds for foreground interest.

Returned to Vik to look for Stavkirk (wooden church). This one was larger and completely black. Long exposures needed, 4 seconds, or there will not be any detail in the woodwork.

Now heading across hills with lots of lakes and waterfalls everywhere.

Spotted another waterfall, this time with a huge waterspout as water hits a rock and is sent skywards. Next to no light so long exposures. So much water and it's not snowmelt; nust be lots of heavy rain on the the tops.

Gps has us arriving back at hotel after 7pm assuming no more stops.

Tomorrow we move on again, east and a little bit north.
Dave Butcher

Friday, 25 September 2009

Oslo Night and Day

Trouble accessing the web through my Blackberry earlier today delayed doing this.

Yesterday was a 2 new country day. I had not previously visited Sweden or Norway.

Reached Oslo just after 7pm yesterday, so lots of time for night shots. Wandered around taking photos of the fortress, harbour, palace and parliament.Tried different lenses here and there to pick out or include important areas.

One area on the harbour has been regenerated with lots of new buildings and interesting architecture. Keep an eye out for a shot of one with the front like the prow of a ship.

This morning wandered around taking photos at the same locations as last night, not necessarily the same tripod holes though as different viewpoints work in daylight.

Left Oslo late morning and drove west then north heading for Geilo then Flam. Stopped at Uvdal to see the Stavkirche (wooden church dating back to 12th century). Broken clouds and sunshine made for some good shots. Lots of photos of the church and the silver birches that surround it. Leaves well on the turn here and lots of different colours across the hillsides. Used a dark yellow filter to lighten all the turning leaves. If you are digital you can do this in Photoshop instead, just make sure that you take you photos in colour not grey scale.

Scenery in this area is similar to Scottish Highlands and Alps, perhaps more trees than Scotland.

Just passing through Geilo, quite a large ski area, but quiet at this time of year.
Dave Butcher.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Copenhagen to Oslo

Started the day in Copenhagen with a little bit of brightness. It quickly closed in with a few spots of rain as I was taking shots around the very picturesque Nyhavn area. Lots of tall ships and cafes.The brightly painted houses reminded us of Tobermory on Mull.

Then on for a few shots of the Marmorkirchen and fountains. Finally a dash back to the hotel and car, grabbing a few shots on the way.

Now on our way through Sweden, currently between Malmo and Goteborg. Then on to Oslo. A long day in the car for us, with stops it may be 8pm before we arrive.

Looks like another late night taking photos!
Dave Butcher

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Danish Bridges and Copenhagen at Night

Touch damp at times today but no real rain. Lots of bridge shots either side of Odense in Denmark, quite breezy so sea choppy.
Tonight was out taking photos around Copenhagen until 11.30pm, This included Tivoli, Nyhavn and Little Mermaid. Back to do some of them tomorow. Morning in daylight.

Late morning cross into Sweden then up to Oslo for tomorrow night.
Dave Butcher

Denmark - a New Country

This morning started grey but brightened to broken clouds mid morning. Spent an hour or two around Hamburg harbour area and St Michelis Kirche.

Now driving up through Denmark, a new country for me so looking forward to some shots en route to Copenhagen. Night shots of Copenhagen tonight, weather permitting.

Brief shower of rain few minutes ago but sun breaking through now. Just south of Kolding then east to Odense and Copenhagen by about 7pm. Have a few possible stops pencilled in if the light looks good.
Dave Butcher

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Hamburg by Night

We reached Hamburg about 6.30 pm and went straight to the Hotel Bellevue. Unfortunately they are as unscrupulous as airlines and had considerably overbooked so we were moved to the Holiday Inn 3 miles away, which is very nice but in the wrong place for photos.

After all the to-ing and fro-ing we eventually started taking photos after 8 pm (having lost well over an hour) and carried on until after 10 pm. Mainly around the Rathaus and the inner lake. The Rathaus is enormous and even with my 43 mm lens on my Mamiya (like a 21 mm on a 35 mm camera) I still couldn't fit it all in. I used exposure times between 2 and 30 seconds at f5.6 depending on how bright the subject.

Moral of the story: avoid the Relaxa Hotel Bellevue in Hamburg like the plague if you want to be sure the room you book will actually be available when you turn up.
Dave Butcher

Kinderdijk Windmills

Visited the Kinderdijk windmills this morning, straight after getting off the's a world heritage site and includes 19 mills in pristine condition. For information, they are between Rotterdam and Dordrecht and were mostly built in the 1700's. .

A bit dull when we arrived but clouds broke up to give sunny spells. Spent about 2 hours wandering around taken pictures. High reeds blocked the view in many places but fishing platforms and viewing areas gave good views here and there.

All of the mills had thatched roofs and almost half were thatched from the door upwards. Quite spectacular.

Left just as 2 coachloads of people arrived, a close shave!

Now en route to Hamburg for tonight. Hope to be there by 6pm. Maybe do some night shots around streets and canals.
Dave Butcher

Monday, 21 September 2009

Scandinavia Photo Trip

Bit of a busy day finishing odd jobs before leaving on photo trip.

Now heading for ferry from Harwich to Hook of Holland. Tomorrow need some good weather in the morning for our first stop - Kinderdijk windmills. More on this tomorrow. Hamburg tomorrow night.

Hope the North Sea is like a mill pond for the crossing!

If you want to contact me while away use email first. I will be picking these up on my Blackberry through every day.
Dave Butcher

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Artist and Designer's Fair, Buxton Pavilion Gardens

We are in Buxton Pavilion Gardens this weekend for an Artist & Designer's Fair. There's quite a buzz around (and nice weather) with a continental market on the promenade just outside. It makes a good combination of different food and drink as well as local crafts plus new exhibitors inside with the Artist Fair. I have some new pictures, including Edinburgh. There is also a shot of Misty Trees taken at Breckenridge in January but only printed on Thursday. This is one of my favourites at the moment. Supposed to be good weather until Monday so looking forward to second day.

Lots of trees are on the turn. Autumn has well and truly arrived in the Peak District.
Dave Butcher

Friday, 18 September 2009

New Peak District Images on Web Site

There are a few more new images on the web site. They were taken on 16th July during the course that I ran as a competition with Harman Technology in Black and White Photography magazine. Some of them will be included in a feature in B and W Photo magazine in the November or December issue.
All were taken with a Mamiya 7 camera. The middle photograph is actually 4 images taken on the same frame of film. The times were 1/2, 1/8, 1/30 and 1/125 sec. The top image was taken with a 150 mm lens (short telephoto) from the middle of the river.

Dave Butcher

Artist and Designer's Fair, Buxton Pavilion Gardens

We will be setting up for the Artist and Designer's Fair in Buxton Pavilion Gardens Friday (later today). It will be open Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 4.30 pm, free entry. You can expect to see up to 40 exhibitors. As an added attraction there will also be a Continental Farmers Market outside on the promenade.

Jan and I will both be there the whole weekend. Drop by if you are in the area.
Dave Butcher

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Paul Francis Images from 14th August Course

Here are a few images from the black and landscape photography course that I ran on 14th August 2009.
They are all by Paul Francis.

We visited several locations to give variety and practice at taking different types of photograph.

Hope you like them.
Still places on the landscape photography courses in October, see
Dave Butcher

A Day in the Gallery

I walked the 6 miles in to the Gallery in the Gardens in Buxton today, where I spent the day. Quite bright this morning but overcast and chilly this afternoon.

Started thinking about another idea for the book after Lake Light; due out in March. If I can find a publisher it will be on mountain treks as well as ski and snowshoe trips with lots of stunning photos and stories around the photos and the trips. Watch this space!
Dave Butcher

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Good Weather in the Peak District

We are having great weather in the Peak District right now. From Wednesday onwards it haas been warm and sunny with nice clouds to add interest to the skies. The forecast is for it to continue right through the weekend possibly changing on Monday to more normal changeable (as in wet!) weather. Good picture taking weather if you can get away. Leaves are changing already on Oak, Sycamore and Beech trees as well as bracken. This means if you are a film user that you can use coloured filters on the lens to modify the shade of grey that yellows and browns otherwise produce. A yellow or dark yellow filter will brighten turning leaves to light grey but the trunks and branches will stay dark. If printed with high contrast this will give an almost infra-red effect. Worth a try. Also lots of water in the rivers, streams and waterfalls from rain earlier in the week.
Dave Butcher

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Meet the Artist - Buxton Gallery in the Gardens

I'm in the Gallery in the Gardens, in Buxton Pavilion Gardens, all day Wednesday 9th September, 9.30 am to 5 pm. Come by for a chat and have a look at several dozen of my photographs on display. Both Peak Light and High Light books are on sale too, as signed copies. Sounds like it could be nice day for a walk so am walking the 6 miles in. Dave Butcher

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Munro Log on Web Site

The Munro log for Jan and I is now on the web site. It will allow you to see the details of all the individual walks that collectively added up to us completing the 277 Munro's in Munro's Tables. When we started in 1984 there were 276 but the Ordnance Survey added one more when they resurveyed the mountains around Laggan a couple of years later. Then, although we formally finished in 1996 the official table was updated again by the SMC (on a whim?) the following year giving a new total of 284 (1 deleted and 8 added). Some we had already walked, leaving just 5 for us to go back and complete.

It actually gave us one of my favourite walks. Angels Peak (Sgor an Lochain Uaine) in the Cairngorms was a new Munro and it's miles from anywhere. Our friend Kay from Inverness dropped us off, with her husband Mike Whittall, in Glen Feshie. Then we walked over the Moine Mor high plateau on a bright, dry day in June. We went across to Angel's Peak first and around the enormous corrie north to Braeriach, on to the Lairig Ghru which we followed down to the Rothiemurchas Forest where we cut across to the road at Loch Morlich and Kay was patiently waiting for the 3 of us. A fantastic day on some of biggest mountains in the UK!
The image above was taken from Braeriach looking back to Cairn Toul, Angel's Peak is on the right just out of shot above the small lochan in the image.

To see the Munro page on my web site click here:
It is reached through the Trip Logs link in the Info Box.
Dave Butcher

New article on Using Digital Cameras for Black and White Landscape Photography

The article I wrote on Using Digital Cameras for black and white landscape photography can be read as a new web page. The link to go straight there is:
To find it at a later date click on Technical Notes in the Info Box. Links to the articles (four at present) on technique and equipment are at the top of the page.
Hope it is of use.
Dave Butcher

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Films Processed from Yorkshire Dales and Norfolk

Just finished processing the films from Bolton Priory in the Yorkshire Dales and Norfolk. I will do the contact prints later this week so that I can see what they look like before scanning a few to put on web. Watch this space!

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Norfolk Photo Trip

Just on way home from a couple of days in Norfolk with friends.
Today we walked from Cley to Wells. Photographs of Cley windmill, Blakeney and Wells-next-the-sea.
Blue skies and clouds so good light.
Bit of a long day though, don't expect to be home before midnight.
May be a few weeks before they make it onto the web site.
Dave Butcher

Thursday, 27 August 2009

New Munro's page on web site

For almost 12 years to June 1996 my wife Jan and I walked the Munro's in Scotland (mountains over 3000 feet). There are 284 of them, hence the length of time involved. I have just created a new web page called Munro's with quite a bit of detail on this extended walking and climbing project. It took a lot of planning to group them into reasonable walking days without leaving too many single peaks scattered across the Highlands.
There will also soon be a complete list of the Munro's in the order in which we walked them, including walk times and other details.
I took lots of photographs during this time, some of which are on my web site. You can find them by visiting the Landscapes Gallery - Refine Keywords - Munro, this will show all of them so far available. Alternatively, just click the link here:
I have hundreds and thousands more so if you don't see the Munro you are interested in please contact me, there is a good chance I will have something in my picture library. For information, I also have lots of photographs of other mountains in Scotland that are not Munro's (we still visit Scotland regularly), again ask if you don't see what you are looking for.
The photographs displayed here are, from the top, Sgurr Fhuaran (5 Sisters of Kintail), Buachaille Etive Mor (Glen Coe/Glen Etive) and Sgurr nan Gillean and Am Basteir (Black Cuillins on Skye).
Dave Butcher

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Buxton Gallery in the Gardens

Another day in the Gallery in Pavilion Gardens. Nice morning to walk the 6 miles to get here. Weather has just taken a turn for the worse with heavy rain now. Hope it blows through before my return!
Would have been good for photos earlier, nice clouds, and maybe again later as storm clears.
Dave Butcher.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

New Edinburgh Black and White Photographs

The new Edinburgh black and white photographs that I took over 2 days in early August are now with the company that looks after my web site. All 32 images should be loaded and live for viewing in a day or two. In the meantime here is a taster with 3 of them. Hope you like them.
Dave Butcher

Friday, 21 August 2009

Article on Using Digital Cameras for Landscapes

I have just written a fourth article for my web site and sent it off to the company who run my web site. They are usually pretty quick at loading new files and images so shouldn't be long before it is available. All of the articles can also be downloaded as pdf files, the layout of these is better for printed documents.

They are mainly written for clients who have been on my courses and cover the main points introduced at these. However, they could be of use to others who want to improve their photography.

That makes a total of 4 articles:
  • Using digital cameras for black and white landscape photography. This describes the functions and settings found on digital cameras and which ones to use for landscapes. Adjusting exposure using camera functions is described in some detail. It also provides a basic explanation of some of the terms commonly used in photography, such as aperture, stops, exposure compensation and bracketing, etc.
  • Hill and mountain photography. Including composition, exposure, lighting, depth of field, infra-red, backpacking and mountaineering.
  • Equipment for hill and mountain photography. This covers selection of cameras and lenses, tripods, cases, filters, batteries, clothing, rucsacs, trip planning.
  • Hints and tips on darkroom printing techniques. This includes safelights, processing, enlargers, test strips, split-grade printing, pre-flash, printed borders.

Click on the link in the title of this blog post or the hot link here,, to go to the page for the articles. Hope you find them of use.

I am just starting to recover from a chest infection that has knocked me sideways for several days. Coughing through the night is not something I would recommend! Lots to do so can't stop.

Dave Butcher

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Buxton Gallery in the Gardens Today

I'm in the Gallery in the Gardens in Buxton Pavilion Gardens until 5pm today. If you are able to drop by for a chat and see my small exhibition of fine art photographs. Dave Butcher

Monday, 17 August 2009

More Snowy Trees!

Just finished scanning and tweaking 14 new images from Utah. Mainly snowy trees.
They should be on the web site soon.
Dave Butcher

Sunday, 16 August 2009

New Snowy Trees and Landscapes

Just completed some snowy tree landscape images for the web site (should be available for viewing from Tuesday).

Taken mainly around Boulder in Colorado they also include the Flatiron mountains (just on the edge of the city) under quite different conditions.

Finally finished processing the films from recent trips. These included the last few from Edinburgh as well as Northumberland castles and the Yorkshire Dales near Bolton Abbey. Will try and scan Edinburgh shots later this week.
Dave Butcher

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Colorado Ski Resort Photographs

I have just scanned and tweaked 27 images taken at 4 ski resorts in America in January this year.

The weather was mixed so there are both sunny and misty shots. Lots of views including mountains like the Gore range, snowy trees and skiers.

The ski areas, all in Colorado, include Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge and Keystone.

They should be on the web site on Tuesday. They will be under Skiing, Landscapes and Recent. Hope you can wait that long!
Dave Butcher

Thursday, 13 August 2009

New Techical Advice on Web Site

I have written some new pages for my web site in the Technical Notes section. The first is on darkroom technique. If you have been on one of my darkroom printing workshops this will provide a few reminders to help you in your own darkroom. The notes are also written so that they can be of use by anyone trying to improve their darkroom skills.

I have also written pages on hill and mountain photography. This covers a lot of the advice covered on my landscape photography courses. It's always difficult to remember everything covered so I hope this is helpful. The advice is both for film and digital camera users and covers lots of the basics of exposure and composition.

As if that wasn't enough I have also added a page on equipment advice. This may help you in selecting a suitable camera, lenses and other equipment.

Hope you find these new pages of use. In the future I will add a page on using digital cameras that will cover the basic camera settings to use, and master if you can. Unfortunately, digital cameras have lots of features that are not needed for landscape photography and just confuse when first trying to get to grips with your new digital camera. They also have a lot of features that make life easy for you once learned so don't despair.
Dave Butcher

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Processing Films

Spent part of the day processing my Ilford FP4 films from recent trips. Started off with the films from the Black and White Photography magazine photo course that I ran for the winners of my competition (taken in mid-July), then Lumsdale Falls near Matlock from the end of July. Finished off with coastal shots around Cramond and the start of the Edinburgh films (taken early August). 15 down only 33 to go!
Dave Butcher

Article in Black & White Photography Magazine

If you want to see some of my photos from my recent trip to Ireland and read a bit of the background to the trip then you need to read my article in the current issue (September 2009) of Black & White Photography magazine. It is 4 pages long, with 7 photographs, and describes the trip from the planning stage to returning to the UK after completing the whistle stop tour. It includes shots of Dublin at night, Carrauntoohil (Irelands highest mountain) and the Dingle Peninsula. Hope you enjoy reading it.
Dave Butcher

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Pub time in Embsay

Having a nice day in the Yorkshire Dales. Blue sky and white fluffy clouds, great for photos - a dark yellow filter day to darken the sky and put some punch into the shots. More shots of the Strid gorge then on to Bolton Priory for shots including Fred Trueman's grave. I had no idea he was there until I tripped over it!

Caught the steam train from Bolton Abbey to Embsay (good pint of Pinnacle Porter on the train) and then walked to Elm Tree pub to meet lots of friends for lunch.

Building up to walk over hill to Appletreewick. Nice day to be on high fells.
Dave Butcher

Friday, 7 August 2009

Yorkshire Dales Photo Trip

Just in Yorkshire Dales for weekend near small village of Appletreewick. Today walked down Wharfedale past small gorge called the Strid. Good photo spot and lots of water rushing through the narrows.

Also took some shots from Simon Seat (top of local moors) to 3 Peaks in distance.

Off to the pub now for food and a few beers.

Took my first black and white photo on my Blackberry from door of b&b. Doesn't look great but may be a way to illustrate this blog since have to wait weeks for results of trip on film for processing.
Dave Butcher

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Small prints now available online

At shows you have been able to buy small prints (30 x 24cm) for several years. These are now available online too. It will take another few days to complete the change.

The prints are all originals and are made using Resin Coated (RC) silver darkroom printing. They are not archival like my Fibre Based (FB) photographs but the known life is a very substantial 50 years.

The process is much faster and the smaller size means materials costs are less so I am able to offer the lower price.

I hope this gives more of you the chance to own my photographs or to give them as gifts.
Dave Butcher

Monday, 3 August 2009

Pennine Way and Northumberland Castles

Just on way home from Edinburgh via Northumberland coast.

Started off in Kirk Yetholm late morning. This is the end of the Pennine Way and I hadn't been here since finishing the walk in 1974. Took some photos before having a beer at the Border Hotel, the official end.

Then round to Wooler and a little road that took us to the foot of the Cheviot. Walked about 3 miles up the valley for photos then turned back for car.

Over to Bamburgh for afternoon shots of the castle with hay bales and sand dunes for company.

Then on to Alnwick and photographs of the castle from the footpath on the other side (north) of the river.circumnavigated the castle but the only photos were from river. Time marching on, past 5pm here.

Started to cloud over as I finished at Alnwick.but carried on to Warkworth Castle to end the day. Couldn't get photos around entrance, it was a campsite with delivery vans unloading for medieval day tomorrow. Light not that good now but found a few angles to keep me amused.

Now in the car on A1 near York and it will be late when we reach home. Then have to find time to process the 28 rolls of film and scan some negatives.

Dave Butcher

Sunday, 2 August 2009

New Black and White photos of Les Arcs

I forgot to mention that I added some new shots taken from the Les Arcs ski area.
There are views of Mont Blanc, Grande Sassiere and Mont Pourri. Cloud inversion on all except Mont Pourri shot make for some dramatic views and a bit different from the usual images you may see.

Hope you like them.
Dave Butcher