Sunday, 3 May 2015

Alpine Pass Route Day 2. Weisstannen to Elm.

We had an early breakfast at 7am as it was going to be a long tough day today.
Shortly after 8am we started walking up the valley along the river. So many waterfalls! Lots of cows with very loud cow bells for company. Easy walking for a few miles then a steep climb to the pass.
View east from below Foo Pass

We reached the pass by 1.15pm. This was the main event of the day at 2223m and clear views in all directions. Took a few photos here on my Mamiya 7 camera as well as a few on my mobile phone so that I had some images for this blog post.

Foo Pass view north

Jolly steep descent from the pass and we quickly came to the Raminer farm which seemed to be selling refreshments, including beer. After a short stop for a pint we continued down to Elm,  which took a further 2 hours.

Elm is a pretty but quiet village and we stayed in the Elmer hotel and were very well looked after all night.

Tomorrow we walk to Linthal.
Foo Pass
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