Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Wainwright Coast to Coast Walk Ingleby to Clay Bank Top

Today Big Al and I walked from Ingleby to Great Broughton, continuing the Wainwright Coast to Coast walk that we started 2 years ago. 

This shot was taken from the last craggy section today,  near Clay Bank Top, taken on my phone and converted to black and white.

 Earlier today Al prepared a sausage sandwich from his breakfast. Unfortunately, he left it in our room instead of bringing it with him. It wouldn't have been so bad but he was whingeing about it all day! 

He also lost a Sigg water bottle near the end of the day, as we made our way to our accommodation for the night. He thinks it was while we limboed under a fallen tree trunk across the path, at least that provided a bit of variety for the whingeing. 

The day started with a long slog up through forest,  so no views. Then it opened out as we reached the moors above. Lots of ups and downs, in fact over 4100 feet of ups and downs. A  few rocks and crags near the end of the day but not that inspiring compared to what I'm used to in the Peak District. 

Saw a live mole right beside the path. Completely oblivious to us being there and to think Al had used moleskin on his feet to prevent blisters. Rather insensitive I thought! 

It was about 12.5 miles from Ingleby to Clay Bank Top, mostly in sunshine. We were unable to get hold of our hosts for the night for a lift so we decided to walk the extra 2.5 miles to Great Broughton as it was still early, just 2.45pm in fact. Unfortunately all the pubs were shut when we reached the village. 

This evening we ate in the Jet Miners pub and had a couple of Cumberland Ales, even though we are in Yorkshire! Then we moved on to the Bay Horse and they had Snecklifter, one of my favourite beers, so we stayed for a few here. Our beer mileage for the trip is about 21mpg as we couldn't find anywhere open at lunchtime. 

Early start tomorrow as our landlady needs to go to a funeral tomorrow. We're being well looked after at Newlands House though and will have a lift back to the start on Clay Bank Top, saving about an hour. 

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