Thursday, 8 August 2013

Wainwright Coast to Coast Lion Inn to Grosmont

After a hearty breakfast at the Lion Inn at Blakey we left at 9am heading for Grosmont.

It was dry all day, with lots of sunshine, until we went to the pub at the end of the day when it rained.

The first 10 miles was across open moors with just sheep for company, and Al. Then we went down into Glaisdale where we had our first break at 12.10pm, at the Arncliffe Arms and a pint of Beggars Bridge bitter.

Then it was down the hill through the trees to the old Beggars Bridge. I took this on my proper camera, my Mamiya 7, as it was a good shot. Al also posed on the bridge, he likes posing!

Saw a Kingfisher flash by just above the water as I was taking shots. Always good to see, the river must be in a good state.

Next was The Horseshoe Hotel at Egton Bridge at 1.30pm. The Men of Steel bitter was very tasty as we sat in the beer garden in the sun. The bottom of the glass was amusing, it read Get T' Bar, the message was recorded for posterity by both of us (see below)!

Just round the corner was The Postgate, still in Egton Bridge, at 2.25pm. Just time for a pint of Timothy Taylor Landlord before it closed at 3pm. Had to wait for a new barrel and it was excellent.

Finally we walked along the flat estate track to Grosmont and our final 'lunchtime' pint at the Station Tavern 4pm. This time it was the local Strongarm bitter.

Our bed and breakfast place is near the pub so we returned to the Station Tavern for some food, and the odd pint! We are currently on about 15 miles per gallon, of beer!

After a bit over 2 years we finish the Wainwright Coast to Coast walk tomorrow in Robin Hoods Bay.

All photos taken on my Samsung Galaxy S3, except the one taken by Al on his HTC phone.

Beggars Bridge, Glaisdale

Arncliffe Arms Glaisdale

Al and The Horseshoe Hotel Egton Bridge

Al Playing Silly Buggers on Beggars Bridge

The Postgate Egton Bridge

My only train photo, ever!

Left, Copyright Al Hardacre, Right, bottom of my glass

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