Sunday, 14 July 2013

First Photos of Berlin

We arrived over 3 hours late at our hotel last night. Delays from the plane fire at Heathrow the day before and a diversion to a different airport at Berlin. We finally checked in at 2.45am!

Fortunately it was a grey day so we had a lie in. The forecast is for mostly sunshine for the next 2 days so decided to spend today finding our way around and spotting the best locations.

My new Samsung Galaxy S3 phone is now fully working as Vodafone has activated the sim card. I took the photo of St Nikolai Church with it to check the camera out. The one on my previous S2 was rubbish! I also took it on my proper camera, my Mamiya 7 (I actually brought 2 with me just in case I break one again).

My back is painful after walking around with camera and tripod so am resting in our room at the hotel for a couple of hours. Later will do some night shots but can't start until after 10pm at this time of year.

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