Saturday, 15 June 2013

Health and Photo Course

Thursday I had to visit the dentist in Knutsford to have a broken filling replaced. It needed a jab, so no pain at all. Called in at Booth's supermarket before coming home, they have an amazing selection of bottled beers and Jan thought they would help numb the pain. I didn't like to say there wasn't any! Stocked up with Dent T'Owd Tup, one of my favourites, and another 6 different beers.

Today I had acupuncture and massage on my bad back to keep me going for another few weeks. Walked up Eccles Pike this evening, fourth time this week, just 3 miles and 600 feet of ascent, so good exercise for the end of the day. I also walked 12 miles on Wednesday to Buxton and back, for a day in Gallery in the Gardens

Trying to build up the miles ready for finishing the Coast to Coast walk in August with good friend Al. Then in September walking the first part of the Alpine Pass Route, with Jan, Rob, Annie and Phil (we all did part 2 from Grindelwald to Montreux in 2006) from just south of Zurich to Grindelwald in Switzerland. 

Just booked a trip to Berlin for next month, lots to photograph there and 3 full days will give us a good chance of covering the most important views. The locations are spread out so I'm sure we'll do lots of walking there too. It will be our first overseas trip this year.

We have quite a few courses to run in the next few weeks as well as 3 shows, the first in Henley starting on Friday, and 2 in Buxton. This used to be a quieter time of year, not any more!

Heard at the start of the month that the Focus on Imaging show has been cancelled. This years was the last one. That's the end of an era. I guess it means we can go skiing later in the winter, rather than always going in January so that I have time to prepare darkroom prints for the stand display in February. We will miss not seeing everyone once a year too. We have made so many friends over the years at this show I think that's what I will miss the most.
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