Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Cotswolds in Black and White

I have added some Cotswolds black and white photos to the web. Places include Castle Combe, Bibury, Tewkesbury, Lower Slaughter and Painswick. There's also a few of Gloucester.

Painswick Church and Pyramid

Tewkesbury Abbey Mill and Weir

Lower Slaughter and River Eye

Gloucester Cathedral

Norwich and Norfolk Broads in Black and White

I gave a lecture in Norwich a couple of years ago and had to stay overnight because of the distance from home.
Arriving early enough for a few photos in early evening before the lecture was a bonus. The next day I had several hours around Norwich before driving out to the Norfolk Broads at Thurne.

Norwich Cathedral

Elm Hill Norwich

St Benet's Windmill and Yacht, Thurne

Lake Como and Lake Garda in Black and White

The first set of black and white photos from our trip to the Italian Lakes in 2011 are now on the website. They include Bellagio, Menaggio and Varenna on Lake Como. There are a couple of Lake Garda ones too. I will add more sometime.

Lake Garda View, Sirmione

Menaggio Harbour at Night, Lake Como

Lake Como Ferry, Varenna

Bellagio Street, Lake Como

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snowy Photos in the Peak District

We nipped down to Bakewell today to take some snowy photos. Took photos of Bakewell along the river and the old bridge.
Then stopped off in Ashford in the Water for shots of the church, river and Sheepwash Bridge (an old packhorse bridge).
The was a good 3 inches everywhere, snow on tops of walls, covering trees. A good day for black and white photos. Sorry this one is in colour, it's a mobile phone shot!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Last Minute Lecture Booking Tonight

I have a late lecture booking tonight, to Chapel Camera Club. The venue is Chapel-en-le-Frith golf club, just a half mile from home! KO 8pm. All welcome.

The lecturer they had booked is having problems returning from Antarctica. Any excuse!

Title of my lecture is Travels in Monochrome. The photos were all taken between 2003 and 2005 and it's a print lecture. Starts in Colorado, then a trek I did with friends from Glasgow to Cape Wrath and finishing with the Tour of Mont Blanc. About 80 black and white darkroom prints, mostly 20 x 16 inches images.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Lecture, Walk and Pub

Gave the first lecture of 2013 today to the Royal Photographic Society Northwest Monochrome Group. Now that's what I call a snappy name!
Jolly friendly bunch. Lots of book sales too.
Home by 2pm, quick bite to eat before walking around Eccles Pike to the Old Hall Inn in Whitehough. Just the 6 real ales and 2 real ciders to choose from! I'm on Happy Valley Black Magic, a dark ale, at the moment. Jolly tasty.
It's trying to snow and dark. Better have a 2nd pint to make sure we walk home safely!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

New Black and White Images

I have added some new images on the Dave Butcher Photography web site. They are the last few scans that were done for my new book City Light. Included are Wellington in New Zealand, Sydney, Washington DC, San Francisco, Buxton, and Manchester.

There are one or two more on the web site.

Manchester Trinity Bridge

Buxton Turner Memorial and Town at Night

Washington Memorial Flags at Night

Wellington Carter Fountain at Night

San Francisco Transamerica Pyramid

Sydney Strand Arcade

All of these are in my new City Light book, out in March. I should have the cover design soon and will post that when I have it, along with more information on what is in it. At the moment it looks like there will be 119 different black and white photographs and the sub-title will be 'Cities of the World and Buxton'. Buxton is my local town here in the English Peak District.

Hiking Boots for Tender Achilles Sufferers

I have had a tender Achilles tendon (tendonitis) for several years, mostly in my left heel. Normal boots tend to aggravate it as the top of the boot is level with the tendon and bangs it with every step so I was only doing the laces up low down which meant I received little support from the boot. This a bit of a problem when you make your living by walking and photographing the hills and mountains around the world.

I noticed that my ski boots and the winter mountaineering boots that I also used for snowshoeing don't cause any tenderness. They are much taller boots than normal hiking boots. My last pair of boots were Meindl Borneo's and they were better than some boots I have had but still not that good as I couldn't do them up very far.

A Google search for 'walking boots for Achilles tendon' threw up a few options, one of which was a much taller hiking boot called the Meindl Dovre Extreme. These are only available in the UK through hunting, shooting and fishing outlets not the normal outdoor gear shops. Fortunately, we have one in Bakewell (Brocklehursts) that stocks Meindl, just a half hour drive away. They stocked a couple of different versions but the Meindl Dovre Extremes were the best fit to my feet.

I have had them for almost 6 months now and walked several hundred miles in them. They are about 4 inches (10cm) taller than my old Borneo's, lined with Gore-Tex so completely waterproof (good for wading into rivers to get close to waterfalls for photos) and very comfortable.

I thought the extra height may be a problem but it isn't, I don't notice it. The boots are so tall I also don't need to tie the laces tight, the boot shape keeps my foot in place. I don't go over on my ankle at all any more and there is no longer any tenderness of my Achilles during or after a walk/hike. The only disadvantage is the price, they are bloody expensive!

If you have a similar problem with your Achilles it may be worth your while trying to find some of these, or something similar, to allow you to continue walking the hills.

Rome in Black and White

Here are a few images from our trip to Rome in December 2012. There are lots more on the Dave Butcher Photography web site.
More to come when I find time.

Quite a few of these will be in my new book, City Light, due out in March.

Spanish Steps and Fountain at Night

Colosseum and Moon at Night

St Peter's Basilica from the Umberto Bridge at Dusk

Trevi Fountain at Night

Vatican Fountain and Fairground at Night

Statues and Rooftops

Roman Rooftops

Friday, 4 January 2013

Buxton Gallery Day

My first day of 2013 looking after the Gallery in the Gardens in Buxton Pavilion Gardens. Walked over this morning in the mist. Felt a bit sluggish, may have eaten too much in the last week or so!