Thursday, 7 July 2011

St Bees to Shap Trek - Day 2

A mixed day today. We left hotel at 8.25am in dull but dry weather and made it to Ennedale Water in the dry. A few photos but light was a bit flat, I may have a bit of work to do to put some life in them.
The rain started after an hour or so and continued for over 3 hours. It was stair-rods and not very enjoyable to walk in, even wearing waterproofs.  It was a bit cool too so I ended up wearing 5 layers including 2 fleeces and waterproof. Al stopped a couple of times to repair his gammy toe. Not sure it did any good! Blisters rule ok!
The plan was to climb Green Gable but the clouds were down so we gave it a miss, skirted round on the Brandreth side to the head of Gillercomb. This was our route down, straight down! Steep grass slopes and a good scree run helped us down in double quick time.
Then it was along to Sour Milk Gill and a spectacular series of waterfalls. The sun had come out and was back-lighting the top section, the best viewpoint was in the middle of the stream, as usual. Had to clear water of the lens every other exposure, I was a bit close at times.
The end of the day was great, blue sky and white fluffy clouds and clear as a bell.
Jolly steep down to Seathwaite, then along to the Borrowdale road and across to Stonethwaite and a jolly warm welcome by Vicky at the Langstrath Hotel. We were very well looked after and wound down with pints of Cocker Hoop and Thirst Fall, both on form.
Our evening meals were excellent and we tried the other 2 real ales, Black Sheep bitter and Cumberland Ale. What a jolly good way to end a day on the hills!
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