Saturday, 3 April 2010

Good Day in the Peak District!

Day 2 for Clive and Alex in the Peak District. We had a pleasant surprise today with good weather when we were expecting heavy rain! Lots of sunny spells and clouds and blue sky.
We started from Surprise View above Hathersage with Owler Tor rocks (see photo by Alex below), then on to a couple of shapely trees before going down to Bole Hill Quarry and the millstones and Silver Birch trees. Surprised there were no climbers on the cliffs here. Lots of good shots and different angles to look for through the trees. Views through to Kinderscout with patches of snow on too. Then to the Fox House Inn for a good lunch.

Tree near Surprise View. Copyright © Alex Kornitzer 2010
Owler Tor. Copyright © Alex Kornitzer 2010

Bole Hill Cliff Reflections. Copyright © Clive Kornitzer 2010

Bole Hill Millstones. Copyright © Clive Kornitzer 2010

After lunch it was on to Padley Gorge for small waterfalls in the sunshine! Also some tree roots. Then picked off the lone tree on Rushup Edge on our way back as well as panoramas of Kinderscout. Finished at home with a cup of tea and checking out the images from the day!

A good day.
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