Thursday, 28 January 2010

3rd Time Lucky at Red Rocks Lake

Another snowshoe day today. This time in the Indian Peaks Wilderness around Brainard Lake.
I wanted to get a shot of the mountains from Red Rocks Lake. I saw the shot 4 and a half years ago but knew it would be better in winter.
After 2 failed attempts last January we returned and today was the day!
The forecast was a bit iffy but we went anyway and what a good jjob we did; it was fantastic.
Red Rocks Lake was frozen and wearing snowshoes I could wander anywhere to frame the shot.
The mountains were snowy with blue sky and clouds swirling around the tops. A few snowy rocks made for a good foreground and I was excitedly taking pictures.
Third time lucky it was!

The day had just started and we carried on to Brainard Lake along the snowshoe trail, mostly through untracked snow.
From Brainard we headed to Long Lake. There was deep drifted snow here so we decided we would make better time on the frozen lake surface.
It was 2pm at the far (west) end so we decided to make our way back. The time and the fact that it was snowing steadily made up our minds!
A few tree shots on the return in rather dull conditions. The mountains had long since disappeared.
Just 4 rolls of 120 Ilford FP4 (10 shots per roll) but some crackers in there!
It's always rather special when a shot that's been years in the planning comes good.

Tomorrow we ski Winter Park and Friday Copper Mountain.
Not much left of this trip. We leave Colorado on Sunday and get home on Wednesday.
Dave Butcher
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