Friday, 2 October 2009

Swedish Lakes (and Trees)

Left Harnosand early, after scraping thick ice off windows of car. Jolly cold for time of year!

Headed back towards hills and lakes to Sveg and then Sarna. Dozens of lakes and millions of trees; mixture of conifers and silver birch mostly.

Took a few tree shots but also typical lake shots. Used a dark yellow filter to lighten the silver birch foliage which was a bright yellow / orange colour, as well as darkening the blue sky. Good clouds this afternoon.

Also found a church and separate wooden bell tower at Alvros, just east of Sveg.

Ended day at Mora by another lakeside. Lots of photos from shore, including trees, boats and the odd jetty.

A 6 film day (60 images).
Heading south tomorrow and expect to end the day close to Stockholm so that we can have most of Sunday in the city.
Dave Butcher
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