Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Kinderdijk Windmills

Visited the Kinderdijk windmills this morning, straight after getting off the ferry.it's a world heritage site and includes 19 mills in pristine condition. For information, they are between Rotterdam and Dordrecht and were mostly built in the 1700's. .

A bit dull when we arrived but clouds broke up to give sunny spells. Spent about 2 hours wandering around taken pictures. High reeds blocked the view in many places but fishing platforms and viewing areas gave good views here and there.

All of the mills had thatched roofs and almost half were thatched from the door upwards. Quite spectacular.

Left just as 2 coachloads of people arrived, a close shave!

Now en route to Hamburg for tonight. Hope to be there by 6pm. Maybe do some night shots around streets and canals.
Dave Butcher
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