Saturday, 12 September 2009

Good Weather in the Peak District

We are having great weather in the Peak District right now. From Wednesday onwards it haas been warm and sunny with nice clouds to add interest to the skies. The forecast is for it to continue right through the weekend possibly changing on Monday to more normal changeable (as in wet!) weather. Good picture taking weather if you can get away. Leaves are changing already on Oak, Sycamore and Beech trees as well as bracken. This means if you are a film user that you can use coloured filters on the lens to modify the shade of grey that yellows and browns otherwise produce. A yellow or dark yellow filter will brighten turning leaves to light grey but the trunks and branches will stay dark. If printed with high contrast this will give an almost infra-red effect. Worth a try. Also lots of water in the rivers, streams and waterfalls from rain earlier in the week.
Dave Butcher
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