Thursday, 10 March 2016

Watersmeet on Exmoor in Black and White

I have scanned a few of my Ilford FP4 120 film negatives from our recent trip to Exmoor. We stayed in Lynmouth and were able to walk to and from Watersmeet. If you did it there and back it's probably less than 4 miles although it was closer to 8 miles taking our rather indirect route.

It was a dull day but good for waterfalls. It's much easier to print waterfalls that are not sunlit than those that are! Watersmeet house was also still closed up for the winter so no advertising signs and few people in my pictures. The last time I took photos here it was really busy and not as much water, the recent rain really helped the waterfalls.

The temporary link to these new images on my gallery website is:

To see all of the Watersmeet photos that I have on my website follow this link:

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