Sunday, 7 June 2015

Travelling South

From Whistler Jan drove us back to Vancouver. A Bald Eagle swooped around the road just north of the city.

Next day it was more photos around Vancouver, as well as good beers at the Tap and Barrel pub. Back to Steamworks Brewery in the evening but they ran out of stout, obviously no call for it there either!

Vancouver Chinese Garden

Then it was a travel day flying back to San Francisco. Very slow into city as ball game had just finished at the stadium between Airport and city centre.

After a slow start we collected a hire car and Jan drove us over Golden Gate Bridge for photos from Marin Headland. We parked at Vista Point and using the underpass beneath the road reached the footpath to the top. Quite a clear day. Took FP4 with a red filter and SFX infrared photos.

Then on to Napa. Walked into town for a wander and again in the evening for food, no photos though.

Napa Hotel Courtyard

Today we visited the Robert Mondavi vineyards north of Napa. Very interesting 'signature' tour with Dick, and tasting of 3 wines. Could be the start of a new vineyard photo collection! The words at the start 'there's just one rule on this tour, take as many photos as you like' made a very pleasant change to the usual restrictions. Even so, I loaded my Mamiya 7 camera with Ilford 400 Delta 120 film rated at 500 ISO for hand-holding. I thought I would get left behind if  I tried using the tripod!

The photos shown here were all taken on my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. It will take a few weeks to get the trip photos processed and the negatives scanned.

Mondavi entrance

Fermentation room

Barrels and vats

Filled barrels

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