Thursday, 5 February 2015

Skiing the Outer Reaches of the Kitzbuhel Ski area

The forecast was a bit iffy for today, but we ignored it and went to the farthest part of the Kitzbuhel ski area anyway.

We started with the now familiar Hahnenkamm and other lifts to reach the gondola from Pengelstein to above Jochberg. From there we worked our way across to near Hollersbach, about as far as the Kitzbuhel ski area goes.

Despite the weather there were some good shots to be had. I didn't have my proper Mamiya 7 camera and my Samsung Galaxy S3 packed up at lunchtime so just this one for today. 

From there we made our way to Pass Thun, caught a bus to Jochberg and then ski lifts up the mountains behind Kitzbuhel.

Late finish today, we took our skis off at 5pm, gps measured 42 miles including lifts.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we return to the Ki-West side of Westendorf, with cameras!
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