Saturday, 31 January 2015

Snow Light and Land Light in Final Stage

My 2 new books have reached the final stage. All 231 image files plus the articles,  technical data tables, ISBN numbers and my brief are all with Andy, my graphic designer.

It will take about 3 weeks to pull everything together as 2 books. The printers have been provisionally booked for the end of February. They need about 2 weeks to print, collate, bind and pack.

All being well they should be available from mid-March. They make the 5th and 6th books on my photography.

Snow Light includes 117 photos with a distinctly wintry snowy feel. They include lots of photos taken while skiing around the mountains, snowshoeing and winter hiking. Some UK shots but lots from the Alps and Rockies.

Land Light includes 114 images with no obvious snow. Photos taken in the UK, across Europe, USA and New Zealand. Lots of waterfalls too.

Should have the covers sorted in a week or so and a better idea of timescales. Will do a post with them then.

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