Sunday, 14 September 2014

Vienna Wet and Dry

Today was a big day for us in more ways than one. Lots to photograph after the day time washout yesterday and lots of walking. In fact Jan's Fitbit said we walked just over 20 miles!

The distance came from walking to the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel in Prater Park. This is the one in The Third Man film and is one of the main tourist attractions so was on the shooting list for 2 reasons.

I wanted day and night photos so we went over this morning as it was dry with rain forecast later. Then we walked there again late afternoon, in the rain, arriving in time for dusk which then led into the night photos, between showers.

In all I spent well over an hour this morning and an hour this evening photographing the wheel.

It was a half decent day between showers so I photographed lots of the iconic buildings too.

Forgot to take stuff on my phone so just a couple of shots from Belvedere.

Tomorrow is also forecast to be changeable so fingers crossed for more good skies.

In total I took 11 rolls of Ilford FP4 120 film, making a total of 13 with last night's 2 rolls.
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