Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Snowy Peak District

I'm in Buxton Pavilion Gardens running Gallery in the Gardens all day. After 6 days at the Ideal Home show in Earls Court in London and 5 at the NEC immediately before that it was good to get out walking the hills for a change.

What a day we have here in the Peaks! Wall to wall sunshine with a dusting of snow on the tops. Lots of ice though so a bit slippery. It's a 6 mile walk over the hills to get here but I grabbed a few shots on my Samsung S3 phone and edited them to black and white using the editor in Google+ photos on my Nexus 10.

I had intended to take more photos of London during and after the show but decided it was too much for my bad back so we've decided to go down after Christmas, weather permitting. Shame though as we had 4 good days which would have been great for photos. We did manage to walk in and out to the show for the first 4 days, 3 miles each way but the only greenery we found was walking through Brompton Cemetery, a large green space just south of Earls Court. No peaks though!

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