Sunday, 4 August 2013

An Erratic Day in the Yorkshire Dales

Today was a short walk of just 9.5 miles from Austwick to Clapham and back.

We started an hour or so earlier than our friends so that we could take photos of the nearby Norber Erratics. These are large boulders brought down by glaciers and dumped on softer limestone. The limestone erodes leaving the big boulder sitting on small legs.

The photo here was one of two such rocks that I photographed today. This was taken with my Samsung Mobile phone.

Lots of limestone pavement on top of Norber too. Have started thinking about possibly running a course based here in Austwick. 

Lunch was in the New Inn in Clapham,  well actually outside as it was warm and sunny. A couple of pints of Copper Dragon Bitter went down well then it was back to Austwick. About 9.5 miles in total. 

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