Thursday, 21 March 2013

Walk in Glen Trool and a Photography Day

Yesterday we walked in Glen Trool in Galloway. It was mainly a grey day but I managed a few waterfall photos. More importantly no rain!

I took a shot on my phone of Merrick, the highest peak in the area, from beside Loch Trool. It was well snow covered,  see photo.

Today was mostly sunny so we decided to make it a photo day. Started with Dumfries then down to Kirkcudbright followed by Brighouse Bay and Kippford. I walked out the half mile to Rough Island from Kippford even though tide only 2.5 hours from high.
Finished the day with a curry and a couple of pints at Wetherspoons in Dumfries.
Snowy Merrick in the background
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