Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Amsterdam Day and Night

We are on a short photo trip to Amsterdam. It's quite a few years since I was last here but Jan had meetings here in 2011.

It was an early start yesterday to catch the 7am from Manchester. The day was mixed with some sunshine in the afternoon, the odd shower of rain and quite a lot of cloudy periods.

Mostly the shots were of the canals and their bridges, with a few buildings thrown in for good measure. Lots of walking in warm humid weather.

Jan found us a very nice restaurant that she knew then, at 10am, it was time to start the night photography as it was starting to go dark.

I had several canal bridge shots lined up but all but one weren't lit up fully. They all have strings of light bulbs outlining the bridge but quite a few were unlit. One of the problems of not being able to do night photography until most people are in bed! Not many boats moving around after 10pm so not much need for illuminated bridges.

We finished about midnight. Round 2 today. Overcast now so I will look for smaller bits in the landscape and keep the big views for when the sun comes out later.

Will try and find some wifi too so that I can pick up emails and post this to my blog. In Starbucks with free wifi so fingers crossed this goes.

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