Wednesday, 4 January 2012


We survived the New Years Eve party with Rob and Annie. Nice to meet so many of their friends.

New Years Day we drove 4 hours to Laramie in Wyoming. It was dead, looked like everyone had gone somewhere else. The historic old town also didn't impress so no photos. The brewery pub was shut which put another black mark against the town.

The day after we drove to Rock Springs. A bigger town than Laramie and the brewery pub (Bitter Creek. Brewing Co) was open! Had a jolly nice porter, several times. Their chiller was broken so it was actually served at the right temperature.

Today, 3rd January, we drove to Jackson. A large town with a reputation for great skiing. Took a few photos en route, mainly skyscapes, but not a great day for pictures.

There hasn't been much snow in the USA this winter so the lower meadows along the roads are not that spectacular.

The brewery pub in Jackson was open and had some jolly nice Zonker stout.

Tomorrow we ski Jackson Hole. The forecast is good so fingers crossed there will be some good photos too.

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