Saturday, 7 January 2012

Jackson Hole Skiing and Grand Tetons Snowshoeing

My daily blog is a bit behind as I have been ill since arriving in America. Still trying to keep to plans as need the photos.

Wednesday we skied Jackson Hole on a really good day. The views from the high point for the area (Rendezvous Mountain) were spectacular but it was bloody cold!

The surrounding mountains, as well as those for skiing, are all in the Tetons. Jackson is renowned for having lots of snow but right now the cover is thin and icy in places. The skiing was good though and I took 4 rolls of Ilford FP4, so I now have shots of the Jackson Hole ski area.

After skiing I had a quick turnaround and was out taking night shots in Jackson town. There is a square in the centre with Christmas lights on the trees there and an illuminated arch on each of the 4 corners. The arches are made of Elk antlers so they are a bit unusual. I seemed to be a bit of a novelty and had several conversions with passers-by.

Thursday was another good day with blue skies, frosted trees and a few clouds. It was cold, -15°C, but clear - great for photos.

We followed 191 north and pulled up at the winter trailhead for Antelope Flats and I was out of the car as the wheels stopped turning, eager not to miss the light and eager to cover the mile to the first location. The first stop was a barn with a frosted tree and the Grand Tetons range in the background.

Then it was along Mormon Row to Moulton Barn. This is better known than the first barn but I preferred the first. There were a few other photogenic buildings here too. The last shots were of frosted trees with the Grand Tetons in the background.

Next stop was Oxbow Bend. The light was poor so few shots. Then a bit of exercise snowshoeing around the Colter Bay area. Again the light was poor.

Friday and we spent another good day photographing the Tetons. We had a leisurely start as a poor day was forecast. We had blue sky in Jackson but as we drove closer the clouds were thick over the big peaks.

These had thinned by time we reached Oxbow Bend. Great light. Lots of shots with patches of water and snow in foreground and Tetons in background. I took a mix of wide-angle and standard lens shots so I have some where the mountains are larger in the frame.

Then it was down to the Jackson Lake dam. Not so much to put in the foreground but spotted some animal tracks in the snow so used them as a lead-in.

Great light at Teton Point Viewpoint so a quick stop here; directly in front of Grand Teton the highest mountain in the range.

Then it was time for some exercise and we snowshoed to Taggert Lake.
The light was a bit subdued but still okay. Made it back to the car as it was going dusk.

It was a 2 brewery evening, first with fizzy bitter and a Thai meal then to the Snake River Brewery for some Zonker Stout. Had to de-aerate using a mix of techniques, whisking with a straw and pouring from glass to glass. It was worth it though.

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