Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Strasbourg to Folkestone

What a great morning in Strasbourg. Sunny and warm-ish. Revisited several locations that I photographed last night; it was better light for some of them. Brighter reflections in the river in the old town.

Could have spent all day taking photos but Jan made sure we kept on schedule; the drive to Calais is about 6.5 hours.

Getting out of Strasbourg was the biggest problem, lots of roadworks had us going round in circles. We eventually escaped but I slept through most of the trip to Calais, knocked out by the drugs I took for my painful back.

Eurotunnel put us on an earlier train then it was a short drive to the hotel in Folkestone and a meal and couple of proper beers.

Home tomorrow. Just 94 rolls of FP4 for Ilford to process for me and lots of net scanning so that peoplee can see what I have been doing these last 3 weeks.

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