Sunday, 18 September 2011

No Last Mountain Day from Villars

After the thunderstorm during the night we woke to heavy rain and low cloud. Not a good day to hike the mountains and no big views to photograph.

Google weather showed it better in the valley around Lake Geneva and best for Lausanne, which was where we headed for the day.

We arrived in Lausanne to heavy rain, same as Villars except no low cloud. Decided to sit it out from the comfort of our car. An hour or so later it stopped and we headed off, both with cameras in hand in case it brightened.

We wandered along the shore of the lake and up to the old town where it started to brighten, then the sun came out between 2 and 3pm. Lots of photos around cathedral as well as old narrow streets and lots of hanging signs. Then down to the town and lastly to the harbour and marina. A total of 6 rolls of Ilford FP4 (60 exposures) on what looked like a bad day. Really nice light and clouds in many of them.

No views from Villars on our return: the clouds stayed low all day. That meant that our last mountain walk was actually in Misurina since we didn't get onto the hills today.

Tomorrow we head for Strasbourg. Hoping for better weather than the last time I was there on Ilford business in the late 90's.

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