Wednesday, 14 September 2011

In Verona with George Michael

We had a day of 2 halves but both hot and humid. It started with walking around Malcesine taking shots with morning light. Some of which didn't work yesterday afternoon because they needed light from the other direction.

Then it was back to the hotel to load up the car with cameras and head to Verona, a bit over an hour away from here. I was taking photos again by 2pm, bridges, old building's, narrow streets; the usual mix.

A young couple from Israel asked if I would take their photo with the Verona Roman arena in the background and mentioned that George Michael was playing the arena tonight. What a coincidence, both of us doing Verona on the same day! That explained why Verona was so busy; I knew it couldn't just be for Jan and I.

I finished my day-time shots and we went to a bar for a beer or two and some food, then waited for dusk.
Unfortunately, my planned dusk shot was of the arena and there were thousands of GM fans in queues and generally milling around. There were also lots of police and army vehicles as well as several large lorries. A challenging set of conditions!

We waited over 1.5 hours as dusk turned to night but the crowds stayed. The concert started at 9.15pm but there were still lots of folks about. Unusually for me I'm unsure what night shots I have (of the arena). It was so difficult to have a clear spell for up to 1 minute exposures. I took several photos with people walking in all directions as well as the odd cyclist. I'm hoping the long exposures of 20 to 60 seconds have blurred them considerably so that they don't catch the eye. I need to see the contacts before I will know for sure.

We left the arena area, took a few more night shots then headed back to Malcesine, arriving a bit before midnight.

Tomorrow we spend the day around Lake Garda.

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