Saturday, 17 September 2011

First Rain for 12 Days

Jan drove us from Menaggio on Lake Como to Villars in Switzerland (in mountains at east end of Lake Geneva).

Overcast, warm day. Not so good for photos as very hazy. Lots of traffic around Lugano and Locarno but quiet on minor roads to Simplon. The only photos were of a spectacular, enormous church in the tiny Italian village of Re. Not just a Swiss Re building in London but an Italian Re as well!

Came over Simplon Pass and had heavy rain, first since 5th Sept in Garmisch, the day we visited Oberammergauer and Neuschwanstein. Back to chilly weather too. Temp down to 12℃ in Villars (we had 37℃ a couple of days ago around Italian Lakes). We prefer it cooler than hot.

Good sunset and clouds on nearby hills (the ones just south of Lake Geneva). Tomorrow we walk the local hills and need clear views for photos, I've had several requests for photos from Villars. Fingers crossed all is well.

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