Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Lecture in Norwich Tuesday 19th April

I am giving a lecture in Norwich tomorrow, Tuesday 19th April. Hope the roads are clear otherwise it could be a 5 hour drive from here.

Felt awful today, I have a cough and cold. Fingers crossed I'm better later on.

Caught up with printing, including all of the contact prints of the new London negatives that I took in March. Will try and scan for adding to web in next week or so.

Will take camera and tripod to Norwich and take some photos on Wednesday if the weather is good. May also drive across to the Norfolk Broads as I don't have any shots of these.

My Blackberry is still not letting me blog reliably. It loses all of the text sometimes so for some time I have been writing the blog in a memo and copying and pasting the text across when it is deleted by the software. It also no longer synchronises with my pc Outlook diary. The last Blackberry desktop software update deleted all of my configuration settings for the 3rd time. The last 2 occasions it either deleted my diary data or duplicated every entry so I'm not going through that again. Roll on August when the contract ends and I can change it!
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