Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Cobbles and Broads

I made it home from Norfolk about 7.15pm tonight, almost 5h from Wroxham as delayed near Newark and had to divert.

Took some more photos around Norwich this morning on a very warm blue sky day. It was back to the Castle as the light was different to that in those I took yesterday evening.

Then on to Cathedral, followed by a stroll along the river bank to Elm Hill, an old narrow cobbled street with some old buildings. Finished about 11.45am with a shot of the Forum, a very modern building.

Then it was east and a bit north to Thurne for some windmills and boats on the Norfolk Broads. I also stopped in Horning and tried to stop in Wroxham but both were overrun with people so I didn't take a single shot.

Running private darkroom courses on the next 2 days. Will try and fit in a walk or two over Easter break as well as preparing for retail show at RHS Wisley next weekend.
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