Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Spring Fair Preparation

I'm working flat out to prepare for the Spring Fair trade show. We set up our stand on Saturday and the show runs from Sunday 5th to Thursday 10th February. Jan and I will be there the whole time and we are launching a new range of prints - Silver Prints. These are printed by Ilford Photo Lab, at the site of the factory which makes the film and papers that I use. I scan my negatives, edit them with Photoshop to look much as they would if I printed them in the darkroom, that digital file is then sent to the Ilford Lab who use a 'Laserjet' laser exposing system to make prints on resin-coated silver gelatine photographic paper. No dyes or pigments, just silver!
I popped over to the factory in Mobberley yesterday, just over half an hour away from here, to pick up the first batch of prints to launch at the show. They look great. There are 3 sizes to start with and we can add more if we need them. That expands my range of print products to 3; in descending price order they are - Limited Editions (printed by me) - Original Hand Prints (printed by me) - Silver Prints (printed by Ilford).
They can also print larger than I can in my darkroom, although initially I have limited them to 70 x 70cm (28 inches) maximum image size. They can go up to 1.2m (48 inches) square.
We are in Hall 3 stand D21.
Tried to post this several hours ago but my broadband router is playing up, it has an intermittent fault, so it delayed me. New one arrives tomorrow. Hope it's easy to set up.
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