Monday, 3 January 2011

Sand and Snow on New Years Day

It was second time lucky having just finished a great few hours taking photographs at the Great Sand Dunes National Park. We arrived at 2.15pm and finished as the sun went down at 4.45pm. It was spectacular (compared with the blizzard that I shot in last January). The temperature was 6F (about -18C) so changing film was painful! The dunes were partly frozen so it was easier walking than otherwise, a bit like breakable crust snow.

The sand dunes start at 8000 feet and the highest are 750 feet high. Immediately behind them are snowy 14000 foot mountains. There was blue sky, white fluffy clouds above the peaks and sunshine. There were lots of patterns in the sand as well as patches of snow throughout the dunes. Jan and I walked up to 8644 feet for a clear view to the high mountains beyond; well worth the effort!

I just had the one camera and one lens as my back hasn't been too good lately. The lens was a 43mm wide angle (equivalent to a 21mm on a full frame digital), this is my favourite lens. It let's me get in close to whatever I pick out to make the foreground and it's all in focus, front to back.

I took 7 rolls of 120 with 10 shots on each film. Most of the shots were taken in pairs to give me a spare negative should the worst happen to one. They are 1 stop apart (normal and +1 stop exposure)..

Just on way to South Fork for tonight and skiing tomorrow. Fingers crossed for clear views.
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