Saturday, 1 January 2011

Boulder Red Rocks and Scottish New Year

There was no new snow to add to the 8 inches or so of Thursday. Jan and I went for a walk over Red Rocks on the outskirts of Boulder. These are shapely rocks that are a pinky colour and I have lots of shots of them but none with as much snow as yesterday. The snow was plastered on the rock faces and along the sky line. The trees had snowballs on the branches giving unusual effects. It was a bit slippery underfoot but we worked our way round, taking shots into the sun and with the sun behind.

Then it was down to Boulder Creek for some photos of the partly frozen river with snow covered rocks giving interesting shapes and patterns. Not much sun reaching the river bed so lighting was even and will be easy to print.

Then it was back to Rob and Annie's for a Scottish New Year party. The reason for the Scottish theme was mainly so that the party was held at a reasonable time as it goes by the time in Scotland! This meant that the new year was celebrated at 5pm Boulder time which was midnight in Scotland; no need to stay up late. We met some interesting friends and neighbours and a good time was had by all, as far as I can remember.

Now we are heading south on a 12 day ski trip, starting with some photography around the Great Sand Dunes National Park this afternoon. Skiing at Wolf Creek tomorrow. I need better weather than last year so fingers crossed.
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