Thursday, 30 December 2010

Snowshoeing in Colorado

Having flown into Denver Airport at 5.30pm Monday we decided to have an easy day Tuesday snowshoeing the 13235 foot peak, Mount Sniktau. This wasn't the most sensible thing as Jan was quite ill from altitude sickness for the first time in her life. Despite this we made it to the south summit at 13185 feet but turned back as in addition the wind was strong and the temperature was bitterly cold (way below zero) and we feared frost-nipped faces.

Today we went to Rocky Mountain National Park and snowshoed around Sprague Lake. Tried to go to Dream and Emerald Lakes but weather too wild so retreated to forests lower down valley. Brightened up later and took some shots of raised snow footsteps on surface of icy lake as sky cleared slightly. Stopped at Lily Lake for snow pattern pictures then on to Brainard Lake area. Here I snowshoed with friend Rob to Red Rocks Lake for more pattern pictures of the frozen lake surface. The muted sun was reflected in the icy surface of the lake for something a bit different.

So despite the bad weather up high it was possible to find places to take interesting photos. Not the big views I had hoped for but lots of pattern pictures which always look good in black and white.
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