Friday, 31 December 2010

Boulder Breweries

Today was a rest day, just the 8 miles in snow storms! Jan and I started the day picking up our skis from being serviced. Then Rob and I made our way to the Avery Brewery just outside Boulder. The weather was not good - about 8 inches of snow fell during the day and temperatures were about -10C.

At Avery the Out of Bounds cask-conditioned Stout was good but the Out of Sight coffee flavoured Stout was even better. Just the 20 beers on tap. From here we made our way through the blizzard the 2 miles to the Boulder Beer Co., a brewery on the outskirts of Boulder. There was a chocolate flavoured brewers choice Porter which was very nice but a bit sickly for a session beer.

The last port of call was the Mountain Sun Brewery in the centre of Boulder. This has one of my all time favourite beers - Java Porter, so we stayed long enough so that I could have two. Had a long chat with a couple of locals about getting up at 3am so that you could have a couple of hours ski touring before going to work!

I don't think I will be doing this any time soon! A little different to what I'm used to in the Peak District.

From the Mountain Sun we staggered back the half mile to Rob's house for a very nice meal.
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