Thursday, 18 November 2010

Sydney Airport

We are in the airport lounge at Sydney sipping a cold glass of white wine. Summer has arrived in the 3 weeks since we were last here on the way to New Zealand. Temperatures are top 20's here today so it was jolly warm walking around taking photos.

I didn't have blue sky images of the Opera House so that was the only thing on my hit list for this morning. We had an early breakfast and left the hotel at 8 O'clock for the 40 minute walk. We kept to the shady side of the street and then through parkland.

Very few people around at the Opera House so clear for views but sun high in sky and reflecting off the roof tiles so had to be careful on viewpoints.

Mainly blue sky with high wispy clouds so just what I needed. After several rolls we headed back along Pitt Street as I spotted a few shots last night that I wanted in daylight. We stumbled over The Strand arcade, it looked Victorian with 3 levels and all freshly decorated for Christmas and full of individual shops, no big chains. I don't usually take photos indoors but I couldn't resist.

Then it was straight back to the hotel to pack and shower before coming here to the airport. We fly out of here in a couple of hours if Jan can be prised out of the airport shops.
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