Monday, 1 November 2010

South Island New Zealand

Didn't quite fit in doing blog yesterday before falling asleep! Tried using Blackberry browser again and it was extremely slow so gave up and am back to Opera Mini, this posts blank blogs which I then add text to from clipboard. Why doesn't new technology work as you expect it to?

Yesterday we had a few hours wandering around Wellington before catching the ferry to New Zealand South Island. First job was to drop off 99 rolls of exposed Ilford FP4 120 film for processing. These included all the shots from Hong Kong, Sydney, Auckland, Tongariro mountains, Wanganui beach and Wellington at night. We will pick up the negatives from their lab in Christchurch in 2 weeks time.

The ferry journey was about 3 hours and it was a sunny day, pretty smooth crossing too. I spent most of the time outside on deck as you could see land most of the way. Jolly cold though. The last section down Queen Charlotte Sound was very pretty and I took a few rolls from the ship. Very uninteresting foregrounds so took all expecting them to be panoramas.

From the ferry we took the coast road from Picton to Nelson. Lots of hills, large expanses of water and trees everywhere. We stayed the night in Nelson and after an early start are now driving south to the mountains. Should be in Franz Joseph tonight ready for a good walk tomorrow.
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