Wednesday, 17 November 2010

One Night in Sydney

Just settling down after some night-time photography in Sydney. It's is almost full moon so took a few photos using this - above Opera House, in some building shots, etc. Quite a warm evening wandering around.

The day started in Christchurch with a walk around the Botanical Gardens, very dull though so no pictures. Then had to return hire car, we had driven over 4000km in 3 weeks, mostly by our good friend Rob and a few by Jan.

Then to Christchurch airport. Managed a hand-search of my film here and a sniffer-dog on the way into Australia so no x-rays again.

We had to say our goodbyes to Rob and Annie in Sydney, which seemed strange after almost 4 weeks together. We will miss them as they live in Colorado but we had a great time with them and saw some fantastic sights along the way. Lots of photos too - 189 rolls so far and I have tomorrow morning still to go. Tried a double exposure with the Monorail Train that runs above the street - one exposure with the train standing at the station (end on) and the other with the train moving across the picture; both about 10secs. Wonder if it will be any good!

Fly out of Sydney tomorrow afternoon and arrive home in Derbyshire Friday sometime.
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