Friday, 22 October 2010

No Symphony in Hong Kong

We have been in Hong Kong a bit under 2 days and are getting ready to leave for the airport, it is mid-afternoon Friday 22nd.

We arrived Wed evening and had a short walk but my back was too painful to do any photography.

Yesterday my back felt quite a bit better after a good nights rest and a cocktail of several drugs. We walked all day, went up the Peak Tram in daylight and for twilight/night shots of the Hong Kong skyline. We also went across to Kowloon to take the Hong Kong skyline during the day and at night. We expected to see the Symphony of Lights from here too but they were cancelled because a typhoon was forecast, but it was just a strong breeze in the end.

Today we have wandered around taking pictures of buildings and a few of the boats in Causeway Bay; a mix of semi-derelict house boats and millionaire yachts. It tried to rain at one stage, jolly warm and humid. Grey skies since we arrived, no blue sky at all. Doesn't matter for night shots and some of buildings but would have been nice for some of the wide shots.

Next stop Sydney early tomorrow morning.
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