Thursday, 30 September 2010

Lake District Photography Course

We are in the Lake District for a landscape photography course, finishing Sunday afternoon. There is no mobile signal but the Stanley House b&b that we stay in provides free wifi which let's me blog and send emails. It was a lovely day today as we drove up but forecast not good for Friday and Sunday. Still weather often very localised so fingers crossed it will be good between showers rather than persistent rain. The waterfalls will be great, that's for sure.

We had the welcome meet tonight and I gave out the Ilford and Harman freebies, my photo and Photoshop crib sheet and then gave a talk illustrated with 40 prints, mostly from the Lake District and including quite a few from the locations that we will be visiting.

Back home the builders are making good progress. They expect to finish within 2 weeks. Still lots of plastering needed in main gallery plus new floor, heating and electrics. We will be relieved when it is finished. Doesn't help that the plasterers have just gone on holiday! Dave
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