Saturday, 28 August 2010

April Showers in August and New Newsletter

We are having heavy showers and sunshine here in the Peak District so it is more like April than August! It's a bit chilly too when the sun isn't shining, with quite a cool breeze.

The builders have made a good mess at the side of the house. The old leaking roof is off the side part (so it leaks properly now!), walls are down and they have started putting in steel beams and brick pillars to hold everything up as well as a few new roof trusses. We should see the new roof going on this week.

I sent out a newsletter yesterday. It will be on my web site sometime next week hopefully. If you are not on the distribution and would like to see it here is the link to the archive for all my newsletters.

Just putting finishing touches to my new lecture Lake Light; 73 prints done, just a handful to go.
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