Wednesday, 28 July 2010

New Web Gallery of Photos from Courses

We now have a new gallery on my web site for displaying photographs taken on my courses. Up until recently I had added them to this blog but very quickly they become difficult to find. The new system uses a combination of my web site and Flickr.

The way it works is that there is a new web page for course photos, both those taken on courses and candid action shots taken by Jan, my wife. One image is displayed for each person and moving the mouse over each image displays information about the person and the course. Clicking any image takes you to my new courses page on Flickr. This is just for images taken on my courses. There are none of my pictures here - I have enough coverage on my 6 web sites and this blog!

Take a look and I hope you enjoy them.

If you have been on a course and would like some of the images taken on the course with me to appear on this new system then do please send me some. They don't need to be huge files, no more than 500kb each is fine. Send by email or disc, whatever is easiest for you.
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