Monday, 12 July 2010

Lake District Course

We are in Stanley House in Boot ready to run a 1 day course tomorrow for the 3 winners of the course I ran in B+W Photography magazine in March.

There has been heavy rain here in the last few days, while a hundred-odd miles further south, in the Peak District, we have been basking in the sun in temps up to 26C.

We will stay in Eskdale and do waterfalls, the River Esk, the Roman Fort and Hardknott Pass so hope it clears for tomorrow afternoon.

Saw Harry Berger (owner of Stanley House and the Woolpack) tonight at the Woolpack where we went for our meal. He looks great but his right arm is in a sling after being shot while in his car in Seascale by Derek Bird (who shot dead 12 people and injured many more) 5 weeks ago. Sounds like he has some pretty major surgery ahead of him and a recovery taking years not months. He is keeping very upbeat despite his injuries and we will be keeping our fingers and everything else crossed that all goes well for him over the coming months.

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