Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snowshoeing to Buxton Gallery

Today was a Buxton Gallery day so I decided to use snowshoes instead of walking as usual.

There was good 6 inches everywhere and the temperature was -13C outside and it was clear as a bell, but dark as I started at 7 am.

Although there was snow from outside the front door I decided to carry the snowshoes for the first half mile to get past 3 stiles before putting them on. It was very grippy snow but a bit deep crossing a field up to the last stile. Now on the cart track it was time for snowshoes. There was up to 2 feet of drifted snow on the tops. Even in the deepest snow I only sank a few inches, the snowshoes were perfect for the conditions and saved a lot of slipping and sliding around. I even managed to get right outside the back doors of Pavilion Gardens before I needed to take them off. Just the hour longer to get in compared to a normal walk.

Jolly quiet in Buxton. Only saw a couple of dozen people in 4 hours. Pavilion Gardens closed 3 and a half hours early so I was able to take some pictures on the way home. Just 1 roll of 10 shots, mostly big views. Also 4 shots of snowboarders but with a wide angle lens they were too small to make a decent photo. I worked out how to cross all 3 stiles while wearing my snowshoes and took them off just inside the back door at home at 5pm, and still daylight. Stayed very cold all day, -10C now.

A bit tired but good practice for our Colorado photo trip starting next.
Dave Butcher
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