Thursday, 31 December 2009

Winter Workshop Images - Nick de Marco

Just before Christmas I ran a 3 day private workshop for Nick de Marco and Ripon from London. It was good timing in one sense that we had cold winter conditions for our 2 photo days, with the second of these having blizzards scattered through the day making for interesting conditions to be taking photographs in. The 3rd day was a darkroom printing day. We also found time to process a couple of batches of films.

Nick has been very quick off the mark and sent me some images to show here. A more complete set, with original captions (captions here just state location), can be found at the pbase web site - just click here to go there. As you can see Nick has a good eye for a photograph and has some stunning images.

By way of introduction to his pictures here is what Nick has put on his web space at pbase:

'These photographs were taken during a very cold weekend in December 2009 in the High Peaks, Derbyshire, during a black and white photography workshop with local landscape photographer Dave Butcher. All the photos are black and white, most taken on my Mamiya 7 medium format 6x7 rangefinder camera (which performed magnificently), some taken with my Leica M6 and Bessa R2C rangefinder 35mm film cameras.

I can highly recommend Dave's work and courses. He is a first class photographer with an infectious passion for film and black and white. His tuition in dark room printing was as enjoyable and useful as taking the photos with him.'

3 Shire Heads

Buxton Trees

Blizzard on Grin Low near Buxton


Mam Tor view to Brown Knoll

Buxton Opera House
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