Monday, 14 December 2009

Last Orders

Went to the local post office today and checked the last posting dates to see how long I had to complete all the orders that I have received. Everything is well in hand, please be patient if you are waiting for an order.

Last day for Special Delivery is 23rd December. I use this for all hand prints from 30 x 24cm to 50 x 40cm. For larger prints I use DHL, who are similar. Last day for ordering photos is therefore Sunday 20th December because my last printing day before Christmas is Monday 21st December.

For everything else, that is books, posters and course bookings I use Royal Mail 1st Class delivery and the last posting date for this Monday 21st December. Please order before Monday 21st if you want it for Christmas. For last minute book purchases (panics!) please telephone me to pay £4 extra so that I can use Special Delivery for books.

If you are local to Briarwood in Derbyshire, or are prepared to travel here, then the last day to come here to choose a picture from stock or anything else is Wednesday 23rd December. Just call 01298 733771 or 07976 872679 to make sure we haven't popped out (to the post office for example!).

The bottom line is everything stops after Wednesday 23rd!

Happy shopping. Hope this helps. Dave Butcher.
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