Thursday, 5 November 2009

Scanning Day

Today I scanned 50-odd images for Lake Light, my new book on the Lake District. Tomorrow should see the last scans completed (about 30 left to do). Then I need to crop and tweak them before dropping them on the web site. Once we have them all the job of selecting the final ones for the book can begin. We need about 90 images, depending on page layouts, and will have about 150 images to choose from. The new Lakes images should start to appear on my web site from next week. I will drop a few on this blog before then though.

Having some problems with my new Blackberry, which I received a week ago. I am unable to type text in new blog entries. It lets me type in the title and web link but nothing else. A lot of my blog entries are done on my Blackberry while travelling around so this is a serious problem for me. Will see what Vodafone say tomorrow.
Dave Butcher
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