Saturday, 7 November 2009

Lake Light Book Image Scans Complete

Finished the last couple of scans for my Lake Light book today and edited a couple of images, including that for the book cover. We have about 140 images on our short-list from which to choose the 90 images for the book. Andy from 10th Planet Design in Sheffield completed the page and cover designs a couple of weeks ago, it will have a different look to previous books but with the same overall size, 80 pages and a price of £14.99. All on schedule for a March launch.

Had a meeting with Steven Brierley and Graham Walters of Harman Technology about the Focus on Imaging show at the NEC in March. Jan and I will be there on the Ilford black and white part of their stand. Lake Light will be launched there and I will be book signing from the first day of the show, Sunday 7th to the last, Wednesday 10th March 2010. There will also be an exhibition of prints from the book on the Harman stand.

Dropped off 97 roll films for processing with Neil Hibbs today. He runs the Harman Technology processing lab and they have a new professional service for films. I should have them back next week and will keep fingers crossed that all is well until I receive the processed negatives. These are all the films from my first ever trip to Scandinavia. Only the second time I have trusted the processing of my films to anyone else!
Dave Butcher
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