Sunday, 4 October 2009

Stockholm Day and Night

After all the heavy rain of yesterday it was quite a relief to look out of the window to a dry morning. It was cloudy but there were signs of brightness.

A swift breakfast and then out taking photos. Flat light to start with then sunny late morning to 1.30pm.

Wandering around the narrow back streets near the palace it was helpful to have flat light. Any sunshine would have made the images very difficult to print.

With big cities there is a pretty standard list of places to try and photograph;
Palaces, parliament or city hall, cathedral and large churches, harbour, forts and castles, any other notable areas and buildings, well lit buildings and reflections on water at night.

I managed to do most of these before the rain arrived just before 2pm. Had a break back at the hotel before going out again for night shots and dinner, in that order!

It was dark a bit after 6.30pm and went round taking some shots.

Had a very nice meal near the palace and finished by taking a few more photos on way back to hotel. Finished for the day about 10.15pm.

Tomorrow we return to Copenhagen, maybe stop in Malmo en route. Will see what the weather brings.
Dave Butcher
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